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Traveling During the Holiday Season

With my increasing want and need to travel the country and possibly live overseas for a year or two, it got me thinking.  I’ve never been away from my family during the holidays. I don’t count the times I’ve had to work on a holiday. I mean I’ve never intentionally been away from my family during the holidays.  With my trying to determine if being a full time RVer is for me, I figure I can always pack up my travel camper and swing back home for the holidays before hitting the road again to continue my travels.


Fair Labor Standards Act Overturned by Texas Federal Judge


In May 2016, Obama passed a change to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  This change would have increased the max exempt salary from $23,660 to $47,892 effective December 1, 2016. What does this mean?  Currently, if you are a salaried employee (not hourly), as long as you make $23,660 per year, or $455 per week, your employer can work you more than 40 hours a week with no form of compensation. So, if you work 60 hours a week, that is only $7.58 per hour. This has not been changed since 2004. In the 12 years since, we have seen the cost of living increase. But we have not seen salaries increase at the same percentage. The American people are struggling to stay afloat as it is. They are living paycheck to paycheck. President Obama understood the struggles people are facing and wanted to increase this exempt salary to help employees make a fair salary based on today’s cost of living. He wanted to make sure that employers couldn’t take advantage and work their employees longer hours for the same amount and sit back to rake in the benefits.


Christmas Gift Guide for the Perfect Teen Gift Idea

Typically, teenagers are SO hard to shop for!  They all have their own tastes that seem to change daily. Below, I’ve compiled a list of gift that you can get the teen in your life.  These are also great gift ideas for teens to give to friends for Christmas!


Why Do We Shop On Thanksgiving?

In recent years. i.e. the last 10 years, Thanksgiving shopping has been a trend that is, in my opinion, unacceptable. Thanksgiving is a time that family should spend together.  Thanksgiving is a time we should have to be thankful for everything we have. Granted, that should be every day, but… Thanksgiving is NOT a time that people should have to leave their families to go to work if they’re not in a job that it is necessary. Necessary jobs include Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Departments and yes, even gas stations.


How to Tell if a Full Time RV Life is for You

So, you think you want to become a full time RVer?  Are you ready to sell most of your things and hit the road? To some people, this sounds like a dream. Others may be on the fence trying to decide what they want to do. Do your research!  This has to be a lifestyle you want to live and are ready to throw in 100%. Hopefully this post will give you more insight as to whether it’s the life for you or not.


Top Electronic Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

With the holiday season upon us, people are running around trying to find that special something for the loved one’s in their lives.  Here is my top list of gifts your family and friends may love!


3 Best Countries to Move to

With the recent election upset…. Heck, who are we kidding?  With ANY election, the American people are always looking to leave the country. Our primary country of choice is Canada.  They’re our neighbor. They’ll take us in.  And you know, it doesn’t hurt that their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is kinda hot.  Don’t lie, I know I’m not the only one to be thinking that…


Weight Loss Journey ~ Week Two

As promised, here is my two week update!

As you all know, two weeks ago I started my weight loss journey with a little help to kick start my metabolism with a prescription form of Phentermine. The Dr told me that the average weight loss in a year with doing nothing else by taking the pill was 24 lbs.  I figured, I’m fine with that. Even with that loss, I’ll still be down to a weight I hadn’t seen in about three plus years.


My Trip to Bermuda and The Bahamas

One recent memorable trip was this past May. I went on a nine day cruise on Royal Caribbean with my sister, her husband and another friend. We left out of Baltimore on the Grandeur of the Seas. Our ports of call were Kings Wharf Bermuda, Nassau Bahamas and CoCoCay Bahamas. The private island for Royal Caribbean.


My Birthday Accomplishments and Goals

Today is my 44th birthday. I’m using today to reflect on what I’ve accomplished in the past year. But first, I would like to take a moment to share a loss. 10 days after my birthday last year, my stepdad passed away. He was an ornery old man, lol. But, he was for all intents and purposes, my dad. Miss you Pops!


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