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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

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Oh my gosh!!! Christmas is ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!  HOW? WHAT?  This year has had many ups and downs, and has absolutely FLOWN by!  I cannot believe Christmas is in eight days!  Thankfully, Amazon has fast shipping for those last minute gifts and you don’t have to leave your home to do it!  Which, is a good thing for me today. My street is a sheet of ice!

Here are some great ideas for Christmas that you can get Mom and Dad. Some even for friends.  Check them out :).

DIA Natural Himalayan Crystal Gold Salt Lamp Natural Air Purifier Bedroom Lamp


These Salt Lamps are a hot ticket item right now and are selling like hotcakes!  Most of the ones I was looking at are not available until a few days before Christmas, or right after. So, if this is one you’re interested in, make sure to jump on it quickly! I’ve heard so many great things about the Salt Lamps that I’m planning to get one for my bedroom as well as my daughters.

Phillip Whitney Bronze Family Tree 6 Hanging Photo Frames


Your mom would absolutely LOVE this. What could be better than having photos of their children or grandchildren around their home. This is a beautiful sentimental photo frame sharing the importance of family.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit


If your mom or dad or a good friend has a love for plants and trees?  This Bonsai kit is the way to go. This kt has everything that is needed to grow not just one Bonsai, but three of them. Great for either their home or even their desk at work. Something to brighten up their day when they need a little breather 🙂

Live Infinitely 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottles


We all like to have flavored water. What better way to get it than to have a cute water bottle with an infuser? These water bottles are bright and well, yes, absolutely fun to look at!

Number 1 Mom Wine Glass 13 oz


Very few moms don’t like a good glass of wine!  Let’s remind mom that she is number one in your life while she is winding down from a hectic day at work, or just from dealing with the littles! 🙂

Yes I Do Have A Beautiful Daughter T-Shirt


We all have that over protective father!  Let him show those potential boyfriends they better not break your heart!

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Handyman’s Toolbox of Treats Gift Tote

Who says gift baskets are just for moms?  Dad would love this Handyman’s Toolbox of treats!

Round Window Bird Feeder


This is the perfect gift for that bird lover in your life.  They could have this on their window and enjoy it while drinking their morning cup of java 🙂

“Worlds Coolest Dad” Engraved on Brew House Beer Chillers


This is such a cool idea!  Excuse the pun of course!  lol.  This gift idea comes with a set of two stainless steel chillers with World’s Coolest Dad engraved on them. They fit into most standard sized beer bottles and keeps their beer cold longer. They are a total of 8.5″ high. The neck is made from a strong rubber which allows the Beer Chiller to seal tightly around most bottle tops, leak free! The lid feels more comfortable on your lips than the bottle.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set


Some dads like it HOT HOT HOT!  This gift set comes with a great selection of Hot Sauces.

Have Step Parents?  Show them your love too!

Best Step Dad Ever Beer Mug Wine Glass


This is such a great gift idea and shows your “Bonus Dad” how much you love him 🙂

O.RIYA Bonus Mom Charm Necklace


Show your “Bonus Mom” how much you <3 her 🙂

Bonus Gift Idea for Mom AND Dad or that favorite couple in your life 🙂

King Beer Queen Wine Glass


Let your favorite couple know they are the Kings and Queens of their favorite drink.  Although, I do recognize this may be a little sexist. Some women love a great glass/bottle of beer too!

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Affiliate and this gift guide are selections I thought were great gift ideas with my affiliate links.


  1. candy

    I can tell you the family tree is a wonderful and beautiful gift. Received the tree as a wedding gift from the wedding party and it is beautiful, personalized and we love looking at all our kids and grandkids.

  2. Nancy T.

    Time has flown by, I agree. I’ve never been so far behind on my Christmas shopping before. Amazon’s shipping is great – I’m going to have to buckle down this weekend and make my last-minute purchases before even Amazon cannot help me LOL. I love the bonsai tree and the family tree the most both for gift-giving and for myself 🙂

  3. Stephanie Jeannot

    These are all such great ideas for mom and dad. I especially love the hanging frames. Perfect for all the great photos taken in the year.

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all great last minute gift ideas for mom and dad. I love the salt lamp and the Bonsai Trio kit would be two gift ideas I am going to have to check out. The salt lamps I have heard only good things about also. Thanks for sharing the last minute gift ideas.

  5. Dina Demarest

    I’ve heard such great things about those Himalayan salt lamps. I need to add that to my gift list idea.

  6. Bill S

    These are great gift ideas!! I can’t believe that Christmas is now a week away, it has crept up fast.

  7. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    love the gift ideas. i really like the family tree idea. i can tell you anyone will love and appreciate that.

  8. Agnes

    Yikes, I did not realize christmas is only a week away. I need to get on my shopping asap. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  9. Heather

    These are great gift ideas! I love the family tree frame. I am freaking out though that Christmas is one week away. I still have some cards to send and a few gifts to wrap.

  10. Nancy @ whispered inspirations

    Awesome gifts! I’m sure my mom and dad would love any of those gifts!

  11. ashley Brownell

    Oh please, don’t remind me of how close it is. These are some stellar options.

  12. Louise Bishop

    Those salt lamps are huge right now. I want one myself.

  13. rika

    Thanks for sharing these ideas.. I love online shopping and Amazon is one of my favorite online shops

  14. Dana

    Everyone’s been talking about the Himalayan salt lamps! I know they are great for people with allergies – I think I may need to get one for myself!

  15. Sara

    These are such cute last minute gift ideas! What did I do before Amazon? I cannot live without it!

  16. Echo

    These are great! I love the frame and necklace! Those salt lamps are becoming very popular.

  17. krystal

    I have always wanted a salt lamp. I have heard they have awesome benefits!


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