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12 Ways for Teenagers to Earn Money

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If there is one thing every teen is absolutely TIRED of hearing from their parents? “I can’t afford that.” “I don’t have the money for that.” “I am not the Bank of Mom/Dad.” Teens would rather go out with their friends than stay home. They want to buy clothes, go to the movies, go skating or go out to lunch/dinner with their friends. What are teens in one word?  EXPENSIVE! Teens are resourceful. They’re young and can pretty much do anything they want. So, here is my list of 12 ways for Teenagers to Earn Money. This list will be online and out in the real world.

  • Fast Food Restaurant. My first job when I was 14 was at Burger King. I absolutely hated it, but it gave me spending money.  I also worked at Roy Rogers a couple years later.
  • Babysitting. This is an easy way to make a few bucks. Usually just put the kids to bed if they’re young enough and the teens can watch TV or text all night. Free snacks and drinks to boot? The cushy job right there!
  • Starting a blog. Yes, even teens can make money starting a blog. If they find their niche and build up a following? Sponsors will probably be knocking on their doors to get them to do posts and pay them for it.
    teenager to earn money
  • Online surveys. This takes a little more time because as we all know, surveys are great, but they are not the best way to make a quick $20 unless you’re lucky.
  • Dog Walking. There are always people who can’t come home during the day to walk their dogs. Or some who love their animals, but just cannot take them for walks.
  • Crafts. There are so many things that teens can make these days. Lotions, lip balms, and sugar scrubs to name a few.
  • Errands for the homebound. Unfortunately, not everyone has family around them. And friends aren’t always available. As a result, people need help with their errands. Have your teen put a notice out that they are able to grocery shop, pick up or drop off packages to the post office or pick up prescriptions. (This one, I recommend for older teens. Not necessarily those just starting in their teens or driving.)
  • Teach the elderly how to use a computer and social media. Because this comes naturally to teens. Why not make money on it?
    teenagers to earn money
  • Ask parents to hire them. Yes, this is always a good backup plan for teenagers to earn money. Parent’s tend to be extremely busy and would love the help. Therefore, I know I’ll pay my teen for doing extra work around the house :).
  • A mother’s helper. This is different than babysitting. The mom is still there and the teen can do different jobs from babysitting to helping with things around the house.
  • Create a YouTube Channel. Seems like this is maybe a great way for teens to act like goofballs, or to create a how to channel or even a daily video of their lives. This is more invasive, but, they can also share as much or as little as they’d like.  I know younger teens are doing this, but I recommend this more for older teens.
  • Write. There are plenty of companies or magazines looking for short stories. And as a result, they are willing to pay for them. If your teen shows interest in writing? Let them get paid for it!

In conclusion, these are just 12 ways for teenagers to earn money. This isn’t the same as our generation. Because of the opportunities now, there are many options available for earning money these days. There are many open doors for them.

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  1. robin Rue

    Those are all great ways for kids to earn a little extra cash. Most of them can be done before 16.5 when they are old enough for a job, too 🙂

  2. Katie Kinsley

    I was never a great babysitter because I never knew how to take care of children. I only had done it about 3 times and I didn’t like it one bit!
    Katie Kinsley recently posted…ROASTED CAULIFLOWER AND PECAN DIPMy Profile

  3. Mars

    I love this. Very informative. Teens must learn how to earn at early age. It wil teach them independence and autonomy.

  4. lisa

    These are all great ways for teens to earn money. I like the idea of babysitting and dog walking. We have plenty of kids and dogs in our neighborhood!

  5. Sapana V

    Great options for teens. I think starting a blog is more than a job as you learn a lot of new things and develop a habit of quality reading. Isn’t it?

  6. Danik

    Wow, in the UK we always say get a paper round and deliver newspapers around the neighbourhood. Love the idea – Teach the elderly how to use a computer and social media. That si a very good one to use!
    Danik recently posted…Castles to check out whilst in LuxembourgMy Profile

  7. Jenn

    These are great suggestions. Our teenage daughter does a few of them already. She just got her first fast food job too.

  8. Pam Wattenbarger

    My daughter worked at a grocery store as a teenager. These are some good suggestions for teens to earn some extra money.

  9. Jamie Knupp

    These are all great ideas for teens to make their own money! I started babysitting when I was 13 and had my first fast food job (Sonic) at 15; the independence of being able to have your own money and buy the things you want really makes a difference. My step-daughter is 10 and already thinking about starting her own blog or YouTube channel.
    Jamie Knupp recently posted…Save the Date: Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival is March 25th! #CherryFest17My Profile

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      That’s awesome! I love that there are more creative outlets for kids to try and earn money these days!

  10. Miriam T.

    These are some great ideas for kids to earn money! I love that it really helps them appreciate the value of hard work and money. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Great tips! My children did some neighborhood errands when they were young so that they had extra spending cash and a little savings too. It is best to teach kids the value of hard work early on in life.

  12. Stephen

    These are great ideas! My first job was restocking the fridge at a local cafe!

  13. David Elliott

    Yeah there are a ton of ways out there to make money. People can consider making money in all sorts of ways. I’d just be wary of the YouTube as they make sure they only share things they won’t regret later.

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      This is so true! I tell my teen this ALL THE TIME!

  14. Sasha

    These are great ideas. My 12 year old is always looking to earn more money. I’ll share this list with him.

  15. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    It’s important to teach kids (esp teenagers) the value of money. These are great ways to encourage them to think about earning their own money. I am starting to teach my 5 year old all about money!

  16. Heather

    This is great! This even gives me some ideas on some side hussles, especially assisting the elderly. I think I’d have the compassion to do that.

  17. Mimi Green

    I love the dog walking idea. My son is 12 and he could handle that. We have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, this could be lucrative.
    Mimi Green recently posted…Don’t Be Basic When You Can Be Exceptionally Fly in a Patch JacketMy Profile

  18. rika

    Very good suggestions… My son told me that he wants to start a blog to earn extra income.


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