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2016 Election Year Political Views by an Everyday Mom

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I’m not one to be overly active in voicing my opinions in the political arena. Politics is one subject that can tear a relationship apart.  I am an independent voter. I will vote whichever party fits best with how I feel.  Side note: I will not vote Republican until there is someone who runs that isn’t trying to take a woman’s rights away from her. While I may not believe in abortion for myself? I don’t feel it is anyone’s place to force their beliefs on other people. And unfortunately, the last few elections, Republicans are trying to do this.  I understand that there is a Christian base that they are trying to please, but, honestly, Religion and State have NO place intermingling. Don’t make it a platform of yours to take away almost half of your citizens rights away.

Obviously, I’ve chosen not to keep my mouth shut. And I won’t apologize, so, save the hate messages.

For those Americans who are rooting for Donald Trump, I have a question….  ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVING MINDS????  I mean seriously. Let me count the ways that Donald Trump is NOT the best choice as the President of the United States:

  • He’s racist
  • He’s sexist. NO, not sexy.  SEXIST!
  • He’s rude
  • He’s inconsiderate

I’m all for a transparent government. I’d rather the President be open and honest about what is going on. But, come on people!  Not someone who is crude, puts women and overweight people down, makes fun of people with disabilities.  You know.  Those who don’t live up to his expectations of perfection. While I’m not crazy about Megan Kelley, I had to laugh at Donald because of his little tantrum and refusing to appear at a debate.  I mean really?  If you can’t handle little ole Megan, HOW THE HECK DO YOU EXPECT TO RUN A COUNTRY????

However, I will give him credit as well. For his stance on budget. That costs need to be cut. That Social Security and Medicare benefits shouldn’t be cut. Grow the economy. Good idea! Has to be implemented and bring businesses back to the country instead of outsourcing! Ok, and I may love him a little for saying those that make less than $50,000 don’t pay income taxes.

Ok. I’ll leave “The Donald” alone for a bit.  I have to admit, I’m actually very disappointed with the choices we have as candidates. Here are my views on the good and bad…

Rubio: Good – 1) I like that while he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, he supports it because it became a law. What worries me though is that he will try to force through a law to not allow it again. 2) That he staggers the tax code so those who do not make a lot of money are not taxed equally to those who have a higher income.  Bad – Allow companies to refuse working for gay couples. But, that goes against what I say about pushing beliefs and values on others.

Cruz: Good – He wants to end Common Core.  Good!  I’m tired of the teachers gearing their teaching to tests, and not to educating our children for their future. Bad – His views on abortion. Goes to pushing his beliefs on his constituents.

Clinton: Good – Make public college education free.  YES!  I know we are missing out on so many intelligent, possible future Doctor’s and Scientists because they can’t afford to go to college.  I worked in the student loan industry for years.  I saw students with balances exceeding $200,000!  It’s insane!  Bad – At this point, her idea of minimum wage should be $12. I believe it should be higher based on inflation and how the cost of living is increasing, but, not our salaries.

Sanders: Good – Same as Clinton with making public college free.  Some Community Colleges are doing this now for those who make over a certain GPA. Bad – Universal Government health care. I say this because, I am afraid that would increase our taxes.  We can’t get something free for nothing!

Carson: Good – Eliminating the IRS.  I think this is a great idea.  Really can’t explain why I feel that way, but, I do.  This though, leads to the Bad – Everyone paying a flat rate. Someone who makes $18,000 paying the same rate as someone who makes $75,000?  Our country would go under in a minute and keeps that saying of, “The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.”  Now, if he stipulated somewhere that I didn’t see that the flat rate would be based on how much the person made?  Then, this would have to go into the good.

So, there are my thoughts on the main runners.  I’m currently leaning to the Democratic side. But, I see some good things from the Republican side.

What are your thoughts on the Presidential Election 2016?


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