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3 Things You Can Immediately Downsize For Your RV Lifestyle

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You’ve bought your travel trailer, fifth wheel or all in one RV. You’re ready to hit the open road and leave it all behind. But there’s one thing stopping you. You have A LOT to leave behind! So what do you do? Here are your options to downsize for your RV lifestyle:

downsize for your rv lifestyle

  • Abandon your house – This one is tricky. You have family memories here, valuables, and entertainment. Let’s see what else you can do.
  • Torch your house – You can’t collect insurance and could go to jail. So think this one through! You can’t hit the open road if you’re in jail now can you?
  • TRASH EVERYTHING to get on the road faster – Eh. This one is not my favorite. Try to make some money on your items! You’re going to need it for gas to keep traveling! But, save this option for when you can’t get rid of what won’t sell. I did this when moving into a smaller place. It feels good! It’s very therapeutic when you get rid of things you forgot you even had.
  • Digitize what you can – So, this one is more for pictures, music, books and videos. But, they do take up a lot of space! Unless you’re willing to get a climate controlled storage unit somewhere to store everything. But, what about some entertainment when you’re on the road?

Ok, so, let’s go with option 4. Yes, I know the other three are GREAT ideas, but let’s stick with the plan and help you downsize for your RV lifestyle.

  • Movies – What I do here is buy movies that have digital codes. My teen gets the DVD/Blu-Ray and I get the code. I’m able to watch through Vudu, which is also linked with my Sony account, through airplay. And I can also watch movies on my Apple TV. If you sign up for Netflix, you can also watch through your Apple TV. Or if you have an Amazon Firestick, Chromecast or Roku, you’re set as well. Takes you from about 15 – 20 feet of space to less than six inches.
  • Books – Now, I absolutely LOVE reading. I’ve said it before. I’d prefer reading over watching TV any day. I’ve read The Martian, Harry Potter, Divergent Series, and Twilight Saga. (Yeah, don’t hate on me for Twilight. I’m a vampire freak, lol.) I just started reading The Atlantis Gene trilogy. Ummm. It’s good. You should read it. Oh, the downsizing part. Kindle E-reader is the best thing evah! I love being able to store so many books in one location. So, this alone? Will give you HUNDREDS of feet in space back.

  • Music – I am an Apple gal. I love my iTunes library. Having my music right there on my phone is great. When you go for a walk, it’s there, but without those bulky headphones we had back in the day. (Nope. Not going to tell you how far back in the day…) The Echo Dot is a nice little tool too. I love mine! I get the news, listen to music, add to my shopping and to-do lists.

  • Pictures – I love those little jump drives. You can have a huge amount of storage in such a small device! And just pop it into the USB of your computer and stroll down memory lane. Now, yes, I know you can also store them on your computer. But, they take up a lot of space too. And you ALL know that you want to keep that space open on your computer to play Everquest, Dark Ages of Camelot, or SIMS 20. (Or whatever number they’re on now 🙂 ). If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire someone to digitize your photo’s for you. This alone will help to downsize for your RV lifestyle

Do you do any of these already? I know reading a regular book is SO much better than reading on a kindle. You can’t smell the book with a kindle…. Ohhhh.  Hey Amazon!  There’s your next idea. Make a scratch and sniff kindle…

If you have already taken the steps to downsize for your RV lifestyle, what was the easiest thing to do? What was the hardest?

For other RV related tips, you should follow me on my RV Livin Pinterest board :).

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Amazon. If you click on any of the links in this post and purchase the item, I will get a small commission. To which the government will laugh at me and take away anyway. But, just seeing that I earned a commission makes me smile because you guys like me, you really like me! Ok, fine, you like my tips and suggestions :). Or you feel bad for me. Either way, it makes me smile :). 


  1. Heidi Dee

    These are great ideas! I think the hardest thing for me to downsize would definitely be my closet!
    Heidi Dee recently posted…The Easisest Way to Prevent Chipped Nails!My Profile

  2. Vera Bortolotto

    These are some great tips. I need to get organized with my photos and get them on a jump drive. I also like the idea of selling off my stuff for some extra cash.

  3. candy

    I know this seems to be a popular idea from tv, but for us nope I couldn’t live in any kind of RV for long periods of time. It is fun to go but we enjoy coming home just as much.

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      I’ll admit, that’s one of the things I’m afraid of. That I’ll get on the road and be like, Ummm, what WERE you thinking??? But, I know that I’ll come home eventually. Most likely park the travel camper at a campground and live there :).

  4. colleen wool

    A great idea. I have always wanted to buy one for traveling.

  5. Jasmine Eclipse

    I love the idea of RV living, I think that’s so cool and I admire people who do it! I don’t think I could do it, although I used to think I could handle that kind of lifestyle. But I’m at a place in my life right now where I very much appreciate a home! Maybe one day!

  6. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    My husband has been talking about an RV lifestyle. I can see the appeal in such a lifestyle. It would be a big change, but it’s interesting!

  7. Jennifer Van Huss

    These are great tips! My parents are thinking of selling there house and RVing all around North America. I’ll have to share it with them!

  8. Jeanine

    I would love to have an RV! I think its such a cool thing to do, live in an RV. Heck yes! Would love to, but sadly won’t be doing it anytime soon. This is great though, to know!

  9. Krystal Miller

    I would have a lot of trouble downsizing that small. Maybe when I retire, I’ll be willing to part with some of that stuff, but not yet.

  10. Amanda Love

    I have never imagined myself living in an RV before. It sure sounds like a bit of work especially since you can’t simply leave your house. I think it’s a great idea to digitize everything though.

  11. Victoria Heckstall

    There are many ways to save money so that you can afford the RV lifestyle. In fact, most RVers have quite affordable budgets and are still able to enjoy their time on the road.

  12. Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information for those looking for options to downsize for their RV lifestyle. It is so important to get rid of things you don’t use anymore buy selling them or donating them. I have always thought about traveling in my golden years. Thanks for sharing the opinions.

  13. Jaime Nicole

    I’m with you on the movies! I don’t even buy DVDs anymore. Everything goes on Amazon or it doesn’t get bought.

  14. Vrithi Pushkar

    Torching your house!! ha ha.. I cant imagine leaving everything behind!

  15. Emma Spellman

    I would totally do something like this when my husband retires. I am not very materialistic other than photos and family memories, so I wouldn’t have any trouble selling things and hitting the road.

  16. Stephanie Jeannot

    Wow! That is true decluttering and living as a minimalist. I don’t know if I could do it but I love that you can take off and go anywhere you want at any moment for the most part.

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      That’s one of the upsides of RV living. Have a hurricane coming? You can eat breakfast, connect the RV to your vehicle and hit the road.

  17. Jesica h

    We all love camping but haven’t in years. We are trying to decide how we want to get this accomplished this summer…. tent, rent buy! Big girl decisions for sure!

  18. Leigh Anne Borders

    When I retire I would like to try this out. My grandparents did it and loved it. Being able to go where you want and have ti all with you is such a great idea.

  19. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    These are lovely tips! I also like reading and one of my favorite also is Harry Potter and Twilight series. Living in an RV sounds fun!


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