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7 Best Travel Resources You Will Ever Need

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7 Best Travel Resources You Will Ever

Best Travel Resources

Understanding what you need for travel before you leave as well as during your trip can be a challenging affair. What would be worse than going on a trip blindly and discovering that on top of forgetting some of the most important documents, you have no idea of where to spend the night? Little mistakes can turn a great tour to a horrible one full of regrets. Luckily, the list below of travel resources will help save you from those hiccups and make your travel one worth reliving.

1. Accommodation resources

When traveling, it is paramount that you book the right accommodation for you or your loved ones. When looking for accommodation, ensure you get comfortable and pocket-friendly hotels. Keeping in mind that you are a foreigner at your destination, security is also a key consideration in booking accommodation. Sites that provide all the information you need to book your hotel include;,, Hostelworld, Agoda, and TripAdvisor. Luckily, when you wish to have an exceptional accommodation experience, you can rent an apartment. This is particularly wise when your duration of stay is longer, as renting may be much cheaper than spending on hotels. Also, a fully equipped apartment gives you that ultimate privacy after a long day of exploring. Airbnb is a site that gives you the option to book such an apartment at convenient prices. There are plenty of online sites where you can book hotels, or preferably, you can book via the hotel’s direct website.

2. Travel and transportation resources

Traveling to your destination may require flights, car travel, rail travel, or sea travel. You may even incorporate all four to make your trip more exciting. Invest in flights that offer the best air services. This will save you from inconveniences caused by unnecessary delays or cancellation of flights. Some of the best sites where you can make your bookings include; momondo and skyscanner for flights. Once in your destination, you may opt to either rent a car for the duration you will be there or use Uber services. Renting will deliver the advantage of driving yourself to and from different sites. Uber, on the other hand, offers quality services, not to mention that most of the Uber drivers are friendly. Be keen while renting a car to read their policy on renting cars to ensure that you do not incur extra charges later on. Also, if you are taking a bicycle, getting a roof rack bike carrier is advisable to ensure you do not pay damages on the car as you return it. Bicycles are essential, not only in keeping you fit, but are environmentally friendly. Cites where you can rent vehicles include; rentalcars, autoslash, and cheaptickets. If a train is your choice of transport, visit Eurail or The Man in Seat 61 for best passes from place to another.

3. Communication resources

Staying connected to your family and friends is vital during your travel. Update them of your travel updates by sending them through text messages, calls, or emails via apps such as WhatsApp. Also, apps such as Skype allow you to have face to face conversations through video calls. Most smartphones at the present day cannot even withstand a full day usage without the battery dying. To ensure your phone does not subject you to such inconveniences, carry a portable power bank along. A power bank saves you even when you travel to places with erratic power supplies.

4. Travel insurance

Knowing you got an insurance cover on you as you explore places will give you the confidence you need. Check for good insurance covers with friendly policies. Insurance covers are essential as they compensate you during those accidents we all dread. You can google online for covers you can take at the comfort of your house by using a smartphone. WorldNomads is the easiest and most convenient when it comes to getting an insurance cover.

5. Health and safety

Prevention is better than cure, so goes the adage. Do prior consultations before you travel to confirm the medications you should take along either as prevention or precaution measures. Some destinations, such as specific African countries will require you to have vaccinations. Also, google online on travel warnings in your travel targets and heed to them, for example, areas experiencing floods. A wise way to obtain such information would be by reaching the people in such places for you to weigh your options.

best travel resources

6. Travel planning and activities resources

Plan your travel by accessing up-to-date destination guides. This is particularly useful when touring new places. Google all the means of transport you will require for movement and set money aside for them. Your destination will determine the kind of activities you will engage in, such as jet skiing, swimming, or hiking. Information on such fun engagements is available all over travel site guides. Educate yourself on such activities to ensure you do not look out of place. Groupon offers you great ways to engage in fun activities such as jet skiing for cheap prices. LivingSocial provides great discounts on bars, restaurants, travel and more.

7. Travel gear

Packing the personal effects you only require during your travel is crucial. Carry a reasonable size of luggage in a quality bag. Among the essential you need is a travel towel that dries faster than ordinary towels. A refillable water bottle will enable you to draw water and remain hydrated. According to a study published in 2013, plastic bottles are harmful to your health, A travel gear you must not miss is a camera. Wouldn’t it be awful for you to have nothing to show after your vacation? Capture those memories and preserve them by getting a quality camera. Grab an underwater camera to capture sharp water photos when exploring the sea.


Shape your travel experience into an unforgettable one by having these best travel resources at hand. Prior preparation is essential as it saves you money and also makes your travel enjoyable. Ensure you also google different sites so as to compare the best deals you can lay your hands on. Enjoy your trip!

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