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7 Reasons Why The RV Lifestyle Is Not What You Think

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There are many thoughts that come to peoples mind when they hear that you live in an RV. You’re poor. You are looking for ways to stop paying taxes. You’re antisocial. How can you raise your children that way? It’s so dangerous! (For single women who live the lifestyle) You’re homeless. This post is all about the reasons why the RV lifestyle is not what you think.

Economic – You live in an RV? You must be poor! This is not always the case in all honesty. I mean, have you seen some of the RV’s out there? The newer one’s cost more than a land locked home. There are RV’s that are worth over a million dollars. And they are nicer than most homes I’ve seen! Some people purchase an RV for a couple thousand dollars and remodel it to fit their needs. Also spending thousands of dollars to get their new home just the way they want it.

reasons why the RV lifestyle is not what you think

Are there people who turn to the RV lifestyle because of financial reasons? Absolutely. But, they choose to do it so they don’t lose the shirt off their back and so they don’t have to count on the state for help.

Taxes – If someone becomes a full-time RVer. They usually travel the country. Not having a state to call their own. However, of course, they need to have an address, so, yes, they look for states that they won’t have to pay state taxes in. Federal taxes will always be there. No one can avoid those. But, if you’re living a mobile lifestyle and not staying in one place for long, it makes sense to put your location down in a state that you don’t have to pay state taxes in. South Dakota seems to be a popular state to use, but other states that don’t have state taxes are:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

reasons why the RV lifestyle is not what you think

Another post coming on how to determine which state is your better option and why.

Anti-Social – This is definitely NOT (usually) the case. The RV community is a great one to be a part of. There are groups thousands of people join and they meet up in different locations. They help each other out if it’s needed. You have a blown tire? Or, you’re broken down on the side of the road? Reach out to this group and if they’re in the area, they will come to help. Heck, even if they’re not in the area, should you not get any offers for help, they will travel a few hours to come and help a fellow RVer out. Are there those who choose the lifestyle because they’re anti-social? Sure. But, there are anti-social people who live in regular homes too.

There is also a group that I want to mention, Boondockers Welcome. If you need a place for a night or two, you can reach out to the hosts by clicking the link I included. You can search the area you plan to be in and know that you need a place to park, and see if they are able to accommodate you. This is a membership site that you pay a small annual fee.

You’re Homeless – This one made my list of reasons why the RV lifestyle is not what you think, because there is a difference between being HOMEless and being HOUSEless. Your home is where you make it. And if it has wheels and travels? Then you’re not homeless. You just don’t have a house that is in one location. You’ve made the conscious decision that you don’t want to be stationary. You want to see what the country has to offer.

reasons why the rv lifestyle is not what you think

You must note be able to find a job – This one makes me laugh in all honesty. We live in the age of technology. We can work from anywhere we want. Work from a work desk, or your couch. You can work at the beach or in the mountains if you want. As long as you have WiFi, you’re good to go. There are people who travel job to job. Some of them are workampers. They get jobs at the campgrounds they plant themselves at for a certain period of time. And the campgrounds are fine with this. They get people with different skill sets and it makes for a better experience.

Gypsy Lifestyle = Conman – Years ago, there were people who lived the gypsy lifestyle. They traveled all over the country they lived in and conned people out of their hard earned money. The RV lifestyle is not the same thing. Sure, it’s a gypsy lifestyle in the way that they travel all over. But, these people usually have their own jobs. Or, they’re retired and are enjoying their retirement years. Essentially, not all people living the RV Lifestyle are on the run! :).

reasons why the rv lifestyle is not what you think

It’s Dangerous! – Well, sure, it can be dangerous if you’re not careful. And as a solo traveler, you have to keep both eyes open. But, people get mugged on the streets and homes get broken into. You have to be aware of your surroundings and know what to look for. If you don’t feel comfortable somewhere, then move on. That’s one of the many good things of having a house on wheels. Don’t feel safe? Hurricane incoming? Just hitch up and go. Get a dog, their barking will deter would be robbers. Have Bear Repellent Spray when you go hiking. There are many things you can do to remain safe. That will also be a post for another day.

A bonus addition is, don’t lump all RVer’s into one pile. As with any group, there are bad apples. Some are messy and disrespectful of peoples property. But, you’re talking maybe 1 in every 200 that you come across. There’s no exact figure of course, but, it’s large enough that I needed to put that in here. Most RVer’s are respectful and keep their area’s clean.

reasons why the rv lifestyle is not what you think

These are six reasons why the RV lifestyle is not what you think it is. It’s easy to make assumptions on a lifestyle that is different than the “norm”. But, with thousands of people living this lifestyle, I’m glad you’re reading this, so you can understand some of the reasons why people may have chosen this lifestyle.  If you are a full-time RVer, what would you add to this list that you’ve come across?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. If you purchase anything from these links, I may make a small commission. I thank you in advance.

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  1. Tiffany

    This was a great post! I especially love the “not HOMEless, but HOUSEless part”! People think living in a RV isn’t a choice – they think it’s desperation and it’s just not so!

    Tiffany |

  2. Lydia Samson

    This is a great post, I never thought about the change in taxes for RVers… and I love that you have a community to help out in tough times. I love the idea of workampers, maybe this would be a good fit for me too.

  3. Dulcie

    Sounds like you live an incredible life! I definitely never had these misconceptions…. I’d love to be able to live wherever I fancied whenever i fancied! x

  4. Christina | From Under a Palm Tree

    This article is exactly what I needed to read today! My husband and I are planning an American road trip where we’ll be living out of a van for some time and I’m so excited! I’m excited not to have a house and be burdened by so many things and have roots! I can definitely relate to this post on the smallest level because I’m basically about to embark on this lifestyle. Not an RVer but a vanlifer!

  5. Brie Goumaz

    I love this soo much! My boyfriend and I are working on van life and I cannot wait to join this amazing community I always hear so much about!! Thanks for working to change the stereotype in others minds.


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