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8 Things To Do Before Leaving For Vacation

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It’s that time of year again!  Most families are gearing up to take their vacations once the kids are out of school.  Here are a few tips to get your home prepared for you leaving more than five days.

  • Cash – Make sure to take $1’s and $5’s for tips.  When you have all higher bills, it makes it harder to tip bellhops, luggage handlers, etc.
  • Medications – Make sure you have a refill on ALL of your prescriptions. You don’t want to get there and run out.  If you are going to be away longer, and it is too soon to get a refill, contact your Dr. See if they have samples. Or, contact your Pharmacy, see what their exceptions are.
  • Bills – I know! I know!  We don’t want to think of things like that!  But, we also don’t want late charges now.  Do we????  Make sure to check the due dates on your bills and pay the ones that are due on your vacation, up to four days after your vacation. You know you aren’t going to want to log into your computer the day you get back and make those payments!
  • Household
    • CLEAN!  I know what you’re thinking.  “Why would we want to do that?” Well, it’s better to come home to a clean home and be able to relax, then, to have to jump right into cleaning. I just got back from a nine day cruise and all I had to take care of was my laundry and vacuuming the rug to get cat fur up.
    • Pour bleach in your toilets and any drains before leaving.  This will prevent Mold and Fly Larva.
    • Make sure to stop your mail or newspaper if no one is able to get it for you.  I’ve seen so many people let these build up and it’s just way too obvious that they haven’t been home. You’re just setting yourself up to be robbed.  That’s one heck of a homecoming!
  • Emergency Information – In the event of an emergency, provide your itinerary to someone you trust.  Family or a close friend. In the event of an unfortunate event on your side, make sure someone at home is aware of where your life insurance policy is and where your bank accounts are.
  • Pets – Don’t forget your four-legged babies!  If they are going into a kennel, make sure they are set up and recognize the place.  See if the facility will allow you to bring your pet by a few times, to get used to it.  Your fur babies will take a couple of days to get used to it and will most likely not eat during that time. If your pet doesn’t do well around other animals?  See if you can have someone stop in.  I have a cat, and was extremely thankful that my daughter’s father was willing to bring my daughter to our apartment to check on our cat, clean the litter box, etc.

CoCoCay, Bahamas – May 2016

So, you’ve taken care of all this?  The next step?  HAVE FUN!  Get rid of your worries. When you come home to your clean home, just do your laundry, go grocery shopping and go back to work refreshed.

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