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8 Ways to Bring in Extra Money

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I’m a single mom.  I am ALWAYS on the lookout to make a few extra bucks.  All within legal limits of course!  Here are some ways that I’ve found. Hopefully they can work for you!

– Sell on eBay. This is one of my favorite ways to earn a few extra bucks. Sometimes I make enough to make my monthly car payments. I sell things from my house that I’m no longer using or need. Or, something I bought years ago, never used.  As I’m in the process of moving, I REALLY need to downsize. I’m talking at the minimum 75% of the items in my house need to go. Even then, I’m thinking I’ll still need to rent storage.  Here’s one of my items currently listed:


– Amazon. When I went back to school, I bought and sold my books on Amazon. Both eBay and Amazon take a commission of course, but, you can still make some decent money.

– Local Facebook pages. This is another great tool. Go on Facebook and look up classifieds for your local area. If you’re near the state line? Check the city in that other state too! This is great for ANYTHING. I’ve sold things from shampoo and conditioner to my kitchen table.  When I’m ready to move, I’ll be selling off more of my furniture there too! I’m currently trying to sell this:


– Parking Meters. This one is kind of odd, and I only recently heard about it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where. Go to parking meters and there’s a chance you will find quite a bit of change on the ground!

– Surveys. This is another great tool. The internet can be good for some things!

– Mystery Shopping. This one will either pay you for your time and what you bought, or, it will just pay for what you’re doing. Going to a Restaurant. Buying a DVD at a store.

– Selling plasma. Yes, this is a thing. You can google “Selling Plasma (your location)” and it will come up with locations that you can reach out to.  This one wouldn’t be a steady stream of income. Maybe once a month, or every other month. My understanding is, you can become tired from doing this.

– Sell your services. What are you good at?  Can you crochet? Maybe a mom wants a homemade blanket for their child as a heirloom. Are you home during the day and can drive people around?  Check with your car insurance company as they may not allow this. Run errands. Pick up a prescription for the elderly or a sick person who can’t leave their home. There are many things you can do with this option! I’m a content writer and editor. I’ve got 5+ years experience of both and use my skills to earn a freelance income.

So there you have it. Have you done any of these?  Have you done something different?  I’d love to hear!

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