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Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

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As a student, through the school year, you get buried in your textbooks. Sometimes you get the desire to travel, and you can’t wait until the spring break or the summer to plan a trip. Just to get away from all the all night studying and dining hall food, just to gain real-life experiences and parties away from the frat houses. It is not too early as a college student to take a break to affordable travel destinations for College students. Whether you travel solo or with friends.

Being a college student and understanding that you are not the most financially stable person; there are only a few limited places you can afford. Fortunately, there are some affordable traveling destinations for college students that won’t kill your student loan budget! And they are just as satisfying as those expensive trips you’ll be able to take once you’ve graduated and have a secure career started.

Here is our suggested list of affordable travel destinations for college students.

Arenal Area, Costa Rica

Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

The price and adventure opportunities of Costa Rica are what makes it a perfect affordable travel destination for college students. It is easier to get affordable hotels here than several other adventurous locations; you can even get complimentary breakfast every morning from some of them.

Traveling here from the U.S. is inexpensive, and in cases where there is an extra cost, it is worth it, the exchange rate also supports this deal. While the Arenal Area is a tourist area; you are able to find a few local eating establishments where they serve great local dishes at affordable costs.


Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

Ecuador might not be the first choice of places to go on vacation, but considering a student’s budget, it is a fantastic choice. There is a lot to offer here. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and local areas to see. You also get the opportunity to put those lessons from Spanish classes to test. One of the delightful attractions here is the Galapagos Island, which is a great place to see.

Although a fantastic place to be, it is necessary to be cautious and smart about traveling to locations that may be unsafe. Read HERE to see the safety notices from OSAC.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

Just for the proximity of this place and the short time spent on the trip to the U.S, it is a good choice for students in American colleges. Puerto Rico is a natural trip for college students because a lot of things are on a cheaper side here. The hotels, and even the flights down there are not expensive.

You will also get to relate with other students from all around the world, it’s a great tourist place. San Juan is known for their fun party scene with local packed rum and the abundant restaurants and bars run by the locals.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

New Orleans is a fun and vibrant location to visit. They are well known for their party nature any time of the year. New Orleans is a unique place whether it be New Year’s Eve, Halloween, or Mardis Gras. It will always be one of the best-recommended places to be.

New Orleans is known for their fascinating history, delicious food, captivating culture and continuous lively nightlife scene. There are many reasonable accommodation rates in New Orleans that we had to add it to this list of affordable travel destinations for college students.


Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

Amidst college travelers, Thailand has been a favorite. Voluntourism is a big deal there if you are looking to volunteering your time to local establishments, schools or building projects.

Thailand is a warm place with beautiful sunshine. It’s a lovely place to travel during the winter season. Not just for volunteering though! There are also tons of adventure sports opportunities.

Affordable Travel Destinations for College Students

What other affordable travel destinations for college students you add to this list? Comment below.

Author Bio:

James is a professional education consultant at Singapore tuition and a passionate traveler. He spends most of his time traveling to different places. He has created a list of affordable travel destinations based on his experience which, he believes, could help students who are on a budget.

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