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Amish Country ~ A Slower Paced Lifestyle

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Yesterday I took a time out from life and went driving around my new town. As it was a Sunday, the Amish were out making their rounds, visiting friends and families after going to church.  The Amish, while hardworking are so laid back. They know their place in the world and enjoy it. Their slower paced lifestyle is something we could all learn from. While in my car, I never feel that I’m “stuck” behind them. Sometimes I’ll wait awhile before going around them. But, not too long as I don’t want to scare them.


Amish Man – Horse and Buggy


Two Amish Couples or Family Members

Even in the Amish community, there are teens who want to go places, but, don’t have a ride.


Amish Teen walking

Watching them not only on the roads, but, in a local store, they seem content with their lifestyles. But, they do love some style to their wardrobe.  I found it interesting that most of the women in the buggies I passed were wearing sunglasses. They also take their shoes off while riding.  The men seem laid back, but, they don’t (that I’ve seen) wear sunglasses or break protocol and take their socks and shoes off. 🙂

And the children!  So precious 🙂


Amish Children

It is honestly modern version of days gone past. The children smiled at me when I went around them, but, didn’t wave back when I waved, lol.

There was one point that I came across four buggies, one right after another.  One of the wheels on a buggy was wobbling.  As I would with any person in a car with a flat tire, I put my window down and let them know their wheel was wobbling.  They looked down quickly, smiled and thanked me as they kept going.

If you are trying to teach yourself patience on the road?  Go to your nearest Amish Country.  I hit an Amish traffic jam and couldn’t go anywhere.  Not that I was complaining!


Amish Traffic Jam. Three horse and buggies I couldn’t get around, lol.

My friends tend to laugh at me.  I’m like a kid in a candy store while driving around my new home. I am honestly loving the slower paced lifestyle.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to live an Amish lifestyle. That is a little too slow paced for me! And I love my electronics way too much!  But, there is nothing wrong with slowing down and smelling the flowers.  In a few weeks, everyone is going to laugh when I blog about my weekend vacation in NYC and loving that lifestyle too!  I’m an enigma. What can I say?

What environment do you live in?  Do you prefer the fast paced or slower paced lifestyle?

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