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An Open Letter To My Son’s Girlfriend

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Last year, I shared a post about my son’s journey within the LGBTQ+ community. And, as with that post, I struggle to write this post. Not because I don’t know what to say. But, because I DO know what to say. And I get teary-eyed each time I start to think about writing it. So… Here I am, finally, writing an open letter to my son’s girlfriend.

an open letter to my son's girlfriend

My son’s girlfriend has been with him through most of his journey. She identifies as Pansexual. This means that she loves you, for you. It doesn’t matter to her, your sexual preference or gender identity. They started dating in December 2016. This was when he still, (outwardly) identified as gay. He came out as transgender, in February 2017.

As with any mother, you worry about your children’s relationships as they are in their teen years. However, even when most teen relationships are lucky to last three or four months, they’ve been going strong, 20 months now. And as his girlfriend, she has taken over my role of protector. She has taken over my role as his confidant. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she gets what he is going through in a way that I never will.

In this open letter to my son’s girlfriend, I hope to convey how grateful I am to her. How I am in her debt for being the wonderful woman that she is.

Wonderful traits about her:

  • She has an old soul.
  • Her heart is absolutely golden.
  • She is quirky and funny.
  • She is beautiful inside and out.

an open letter to my son's girlfriend

Because I’ve had the pleasure of talking with her one on one, I was able to see that she genuinely loves my son. Just as he loves her. However, watching the two of them together is a trip for me. It reminds me of the relationships I’ve had as a teenager. They go to the movies together. Trips to the mall or the beach? Yep! Dinner out almost every night. Can’t let that money they make from their jobs burn a hole in their pockets! LOL. They’ve purchased little animals together. Two turtles and some fish. (For now!)

So, what I’m trying to say, after all of this, is, THANK YOU. Thank you for being the rock that is there to steady my son. For being the one he knows he can always count on to be there with an ear to listen, or a hand to help him up if he falls. I may not have had the opportunity to raise a son, but, I see how he is and feel that he is growing into the man that you deserve to have in your life. Who will also be a rock to steady you. To be your sounding board or the hand to help you when you’ve fallen.

an open letter to my son's girlfriend

Know that I love you as a daughter already. You will never have as big a cheerleader in your life as I am, watching both of your journey’s into adulthood.

an open letter to my son's girlfriend


  1. Tanya

    Wow — beautiful post. . . not many women (that I know) would be secure enough to write a letter like this – let alone even feel this way (about another woman in her son’s life). based on the type of person you seem to be – it’s only natural that your son is just as amazing, warm-hearted, honest and sincere – which means that he deserves a woman in his life like that — and what a lucky man he is – to have two of them!!!!!!!!

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      Thank you! He is absolutely amazing, and so is she! Love them both to pieces and they both make me a better person each day ?.

  2. Aaron

    Truly, you’re a woman of courage. Feels me with hope to know that there are people like you out there in the world that enables others to feel comfortable being who they are. I’m sure your son and his girlfriend are also very wonderful people.

  3. Bonnie K. Aldinger

    Beautiful young people and a beautiful mom. Thank you for sharing the love.

  4. Divine

    Oh wow! Gorgeous ! Teary eyes! Love it!


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