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Back to College Essentials 2018

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Yep!  It’s that time of year again! Back to college is creeping up on us and our kids will be heading back to their colleges, or are off to college for their first year. This post is an update to last years top 10 list for your college-bound student. So, your child has applied to college and has been accepted. Now is the time to start thinking about their back to college essentials!

Mattress Pad – This one isn’t such an exciting thing. However, as someone who has previously lived in college dorms and slept on those mattresses? Yes, a mattress pad is at the top of my list for back to college essentials. And this mattress is thick, so, it will be comfortable as well!

Back to college essentials


Dry Erase Peel and Stick Wall Calendar – This is perfect for your child to keep a visual they can see first thing in the morning, without having to look through their planners, that may have been put away the night before. And if their roommates are looking for them, they have a general idea of what’s going on, if they’re needed.

back to college essentials


Bedside Caddy – With the notorious lack of storage that dorm rooms have, bedside caddies should be on everyone’s back to school essentials list. Perfect to place your phone, tablet, notebooks and more. They don’t take up a lot of space, so, perfect for your college student.

back to school essentials


Safe Box – Regardless of who you trust, it’s always better safe than sorry. Dorm rooms are easy to get into. Having a safe for your college student is best, especially for them to place their medications, if any. Their passports and other important documents. Any devices they don’t want to leave around as well should go into a locked safe.

back to college essentials

A good backpack – They won’t simply be walking from their cars to a building. Your college student will be doing MUCH more walking. So, they’re going to need a good backpack that will hold all their books, since they won’t be going back to a locker to trade them out or their dorm rooms to get their next class books. Plus, the backpack should be comfortable for them to keep on their shoulders for all the walking they’ll be doing.

back to college essentials


Bed Risers – Going with the above statement, that there is NO storage availability in dorm rooms, bed risers would be perfect to add a few extra inches under the bed to store out of season clothing and other items.

back to college essentials


Mini Fridge – This is another, long-standing traditional item for the back to college essentials list. Having a fridge in the room is great for those who are pulling allnighters and need to grab a quick cold drink or snack.

back to college essentials


Bedside or desk lamp – Now, we can’t be all serious items and not have any fun decorations!  That’s where this awesome moon lamp comes in!  It can change to various colors, depending on your child’s mood or needs!

back to college essentials


Wall Tapestry – Let your college student personalize their space with any one of these amazing wall tapestry designs. They are great alternatives to just having a plain white wall, and are easy to hang up and take down.

back to college essentials

Storage Cart – A great idea for additional storage, whether for food or other items such as coffee, or schools supplies, is a utility cart. They’re easy to set up and move around as needed. Can be used to put work assignments or snacks that don’t need to be in the fridge.

back to college essentials


These are ten items to add to your student’s back to college essentials list. What else would you add?  Comment below or share on my Facebook page!


If your student likes to read, send them off to college with my first book, Cavern Cove! It’s a paranormal mystery romance about teen witches coming into their powers, and a race against time to find the person trying to steal Nicole’s power before she becomes a coven leader!

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