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Branching Out – Creative Job Skills I’m Teaching Myself

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As you all may have read, I was laid off from my job as a Sr. Technical Documentation Writer from an industry leading financial company. While I have a variety of job skills, this technical writing position was the first one I had in a career that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was writing and this field is what I found a later in life love of for. So, while my company hired a career consulting firm to assist their displaced employees, I’ve also been branching out and teaching myself new creative job skills. I’m learning more about writing and online content management. I’m teaching myself how to put together webinars and I even registered and got myself certified in beginners google analytics. Advanced Google Analytics is next.

creative job skills

But, while I am teaching myself those skills, I’m also learning newer skills. I’m learning how to make jewelry and find that it is not only relaxing to do but also something I am enjoying. I am selling them on Etsy and have had a few people even favorite the piece I’ve made as well as my shop!  Which made me feel good. Maybe I’m doing it right! My sister has even bought earrings from me that I custom designed for her. Here are a few of the pieces I’ve made. And for my wine lovers out there, I also have wine cork keychains as well as a wine cork pen/pencil or makeup brush holder.

creative job skills

A variety of jewelry that I offer. This includes Wine Cork Items as well as Wine Charms.

creative job skills

Silver and Turquoise Rondelle Hoop Earrings are just one of the pairs you will find in my shop.

creative job skills

A variety of Wine Glass Charms for your night in, entertaining with friends. Black Wine Charms – Mom Theme, Green Wine Charms – Mom Theme, Green Wine Charms – Beach Theme. However, I can custom make them with any charms I have.

creative job skills

These are the first items I started to create. I love having my wine cork key chain. It’s unique and I get a lot of compliments on it :).


Even with all this, I am still in the process of searching for a job and writing my second book.  My first book, Cavern Cove was published last year. I am currently experiencing writer’s block!  Which is not a good thing, let me tell you!

I know this post was all about me. More of a, what’s been up with Jacqui and an introduction to my new shop. But I also wanted to show you that if you’re in the same boat, and looking for a job? You want to try and keep your options open and see where your newfound creative job skills take you. Questions to ask are: will I go back to working in corporate America? Or is that later down the line? Will the training I am taking on myself, such as getting certified in Google Analytics lead me to the job of my dreams? Will my jewelry business take off? Or will I finally break through my writer’s block? Your guess is as good as mine! But I won’t limit myself and get stuck in a box of what I think I should do and neither should you!

With my generational identification, I’m finding myself straddling the line. I am a Gen X’er, but I tend to follow the Millenial mindset of wanting to be happy and creating different things for myself to do and open more doors that will help me going into my retirement. It’s a scary line. And I freely admit that I’m scared to see where I end up.  Hopefully not homeless, living in a cardboard box under the overpass of a freeway! I think that’s a fear most people who have been laid off have. It’s a valid emotion that people experience. Especially when they aren’t getting the hoped for responses when looking for a job.

Outside of your normal job, whether it’s in an office or you’re a work at home person, is that your primary skill set?  Do you go and develop other creative job skills to help you with different streams of income?


Disclaimer: Most of the links in this post are to my Etsy shop. If you choose to purchase from those links, those are sales to my shop and as a small business owner, are greatly appreciated :). Leaving a review after you receive your item is another step that us small business owners appreciate their customer and their support.

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  1. Sapana V

    It is so nice to hear that you are learning new skills. It is really important to grow with time. It would help you for sure.,
    Sapana V recently posted…Best Baby Toys for below 6 Months old BabiesMy Profile


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