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8 Ways for Single Mom’s to Rejuvenate Their Souls

As a single mom I have my daughter with me 50% of the year. This would have been less if I had chosen not to sell my home last year and move closer to where my daughter’s father lives. Where my daughter chose to go to high school. With that said, single mom’s need time…
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Weight Loss Update – Month 3

I haven’t updated in quite awhile on my weight loss!  As I’ve written about before, I reached my highest weight. My feelings were: Not happy with myself Didn’t like the way I looked I’d hide myself behind people in pictures My health was suffering I was becoming depressed I started taking Phentermine 15mg on October…
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Weight Loss Journey ~ Week Two

As promised, here is my two week update! As you all know, two weeks ago I started my weight loss journey with a little help to kick start my metabolism with a prescription form of Phentermine. The Dr told me that the average weight loss in a year with doing nothing else by taking the…
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Weight Loss Journey ~ The Beginning

Yesterday I took my first Phentermine pill to start my weight loss journey.  This will be a pill that I take over the course of a year.  Studies show that the average weight loss while on Phentermine is 24 lbs.  So, depending on what you do during this time you can lose more or less. …
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Beginning a Healthier Lifestyle with a Little Assistance

Last week I had my annual physical with my Dr.  The main discussion we had was my hypothyroidism. It seems that my pill is a little higher dose than I should have and it’s currently suppressed.  We talked and decided to keep the same dosage. Mainly because I’m afraid that I will gain more weight…
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