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Movie Review

Played Movie Premier in Wilmington, DE

I absolutely love hearing when a local does good. Delaware has had a few residents do well in Hollywood and we are always so proud! I may be a Pennsylvania transplant, but Delaware is where I was born and raised. This post is about another Delawarean making it work in Hollywood. Albert Grant is the…
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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 – In theaters May 5th

As I recently posted, I was super excited about a local old theater being remodeled and looking great. I know that I’ll now be going to the movies a little more often! Well, on May 5th, Guardians of the Galaxy comes to the big screen. You can order your tickets now! I love Chris Pratt…
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Passengers Movie Review

Today my daughter and I went to the movies to see Passengers.  I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.  I figured you cannot go wrong seeing a movie they were in! Then I saw negative movie reviews and got worried.  I read that Passengers bombed. It was not a great movie and that having Jennifer…
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