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Dear 2018 Self – How Do We See 2017 Treating Us?

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Dear 2018 Jacqui – 2016 wasn’t horrible to us. We had our first book published. HUGE accomplishment! We moved to Pennsylvania to have more time with our daughter. We launched our Freelance Business Website, our Author Website and really stepped it up with our blog here.

So, what do we want to see happen in 2017? Great question!  Here we go!

Personal –

  • Try to accomplish mission impossible.  Get along much better with our 16 year old! Why is this mission impossible?  Ummm, have you met the typical 16 year old???
  • Increase our salary. As we moved further away, our gas costs are higher. Our rent is higher than our mortgage was. Teens are expensive! Our daughter’s father and us are saving to buy her a car when she gets a job.
  • Finish the current book we are writing. It’s a post apocalyptic book. We’re more than half way through it. Did we finish it by April?
  • A few new locations to travel to. To finish the East Coast, we need to visit Rhode Island and Vermont!
  • Get off the couch more and meet new people. Yes, it’s easier to stay on the couch. But, that’s not living!  We need to get out more and start living!
  • Weight loss. By the time you come around, we should be off of Phentermine. How much weight have we lost?  How are we maintaining it after being off the pill?

Blog –

  • More blog posts per week. Were we able to increase our blog posts to four posts per week?
  • Goal of 50,000 page views per month.  How are we doing? Every blogger wants to know their blog is being read and enjoyed.
  • Monetize our blog. This goes hand in hand with our personal plans. Were we able to collaborate with companies that make us happy?

Business –

  • We want to work with clients who need our services. We are hoping to work with enough clients on a part time basis working with clients and utilizing our skill sets.

So, 2018 Jacqui. Were we successful? Was 2017 good to us? How many of our goals are we able to scratch off our list?

Love and best wishes from 2017 Jacqui


  1. Chloe

    I love the perspective you have taken on this! I hope 2017 achieves all of your goals and delivers even more then expected!

  2. Angelic Sinova

    Congrats on publishing your book! Sounds like 2016 was very good to you. Here’s hoping for an even better 2017. My goal this yer is to definitely work on my blog more and finish up my screenplay.

  3. Robin masshole mommy

    I hope you have a very successful year in 2017. I’m not sure what’s in store for me, but I hope it’s good.

  4. NYC Single Mom

    I am so impressed with anyone who gets a book published. That is my goal in 2016 and now 2017. Great motivation. And I here you on the dealing with the 16 year old. I have a 13 year old and I am hoping we make it through the year.

  5. candy

    Wow getting your book published is a huge success. Good luck with the 16 year old, you will survive. Hope 2017 brings you much success in your business adventures.

  6. Alli Smith

    You will definitely survive your daughter’s teen years. Mine are all grown now and we not only survived those years. We actually enjoyed them. I love how you fast forwarded to 2018 and looked back. And congrats on publishing your book last year – a huge accomplishment.

  7. Vera Sweeney

    Congrats on publishing a book that is huge!! Good luck on your goals for 2017, they are great goals to focus on.
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  8. franc ramon

    I like the approach of writing to your 2018 self about 2017 plans. Congrats also on a successful 2016.

  9. Stephanie JEannot

    I guess we can all identify with being a wild teenager because we all were once a teen. But since that is a goal of yours for the year, I think you will find a way to reach out to her so that you two can get along better. Blessings for your 2017. And yes, I see it 2018, 2017 was amazing.

  10. Doria

    I love your goals! Wishing you luck in achieving all of them and even exceeding some. 🙂 I think my primary goals this year are better juggling all of my responsibilities and re-prioritizing a bit. I don’t want to regret not focusing on the important at the end of the year!

  11. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This is a great post, and a great way of looking at a brand new year. I’m also hoping to get more blog posts up this year.

  12. lisa

    Congrats on such a successful 2016! I hope 2017 is as successful and more! I love how this post looks at the new year ahead!

  13. Pam

    I’m glad 2016 was good for you. It looks like you have a lot on your plate for 2017! You have some great goals.

  14. Emily

    I am impressed with your goals, you can do this! I like to reflect this time of year of what I have accomplished and where I still want to go. It allows me to set goals and start reaching them!

  15. Sapana V

    I too had a similar goal of Increasing salary in 2017. Hope, I will achieve it as soon as possible.
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  16. Jasmine Eclipse

    First off, congrats on your book!! I also want to increase my salary in 2017… Here’s to hoping! Best of luck in the new year!

  17. ricci

    These are all great resolutions! I want to lose weight also…why is that so hard??

  18. Agnes

    Always great to set goals! Congrats on your book and wish you luck i achieving your goals.

  19. Paula

    Interesting. A lot of people write posts about their goals for the year ahead, but writing it as a letter to your 2018 self makes yours unique.

  20. Rachel

    I enjoyed this list. I need to sit down and make mine. I just kicked off my own blog and aspire to one day have goals like these.

  21. Gennifer Rose

    Wow! You guys had a very productive year in 2016. I wish you guys the best 2017!

    xo Gennifer


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