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Hello!  Just an update from my original Blog Post.  I am no longer in the job that I hated!  I’m off the phones and am currently training as a Instructional Developer, (Tech Writer). I love writing and research, so, this job is ideal! It’s not working from home, but, I have the option later to work from home when needed. This was an amazing opportunity and I’m so grateful that my new manager took a chance and hired someone who had no training in this type of job.

Sure, I have writing, editing and proofreading experience. But, I have no experience with this type of job and having to learn programs I’d never used before. My new co-workers, while busy with a huge project they are working on, have been great about helping me train. The training list that I was provided for my 30, 60, 90 day new hire plan is moving right along, I’m happy to say.

My new manager pointed out that he’s not the only one taking a risk by hiring me. I’m also taking a risk in moving to a new job. I’m leaving something that I’ve done pretty much my entire adult life, and going into unchartered territory. He’s right. But, the way I was feeling with my old job? I was underemployed. I was not using my full potential.  With this new job, I am using more. I am highly intelligent. (Not being cocky, I just know who I am). Not Einstein intelligent of course, but, more than average. It is a wonderful feeling going to a job each day, knowing that I will be challenged and learn something new.

So, to all of you out there that are afraid to make a change?  Don’t be. Take a leap of faith and follow your dreams. We are here to live the life we are meant to, and no matter your age, you can always make that change. I’m a single mom, so, it took me a lot longer to feel that I’m able to follow what I want to do. I wouldn’t (at this point) change anything else :).

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