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Four Makeover Tips That Will Render You Happier

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Four Makeover Tips That Will Render You Happier

As the weather gets colder and rainier and we all find ourselves stuck inside more during winter, we need to guard against cabin fever that can make the winter months even longer.  One way to do that is to busy yourself changing your look and lifestyle a little so that when you finally can venture out, there’s a new you ready to meet the world head-on.

These needn’t be life-changing, total re-boots and full body lifts, just some little minor makeovers that show you’re not just going to settle for the same old you anymore.  That person is re-tooling this winter to take on the world in a new mode, this spring.

Here are some makeover tips that are simple and fun ways to create a fresh new version of you for the coming year.

Tip #1: Change the Hair Style

How long have you been wearing your hair the way you’re wearing it right now?  Studies report that if it’s been over 3 years, then you might actually have a hair phobia – a fear of changing your hair.  So instead of going up in the attic this weekend and looking for stuff to sell on eBay, make an appointment at a fancy hair salon and tell the hairdresser you want a change.

makeover tips

So, start with the cut.  Just let the stylist grab a hunk of your hair and cut it right off!  Then you’re forcing a change and it’s going to be big.  Next, how about your color?  How about some highlights?  Or one of the new fashion color rages, like ‘Vanilla Lilac’?

The main thing you want to do is to come out of that hair salon looking so completely different that you won’t even have to ask your husband, partner, boyfriend: “What do you think?”  Their reaction will tell you whether you went big enough, or not.

Tip #2: Get Your Teeth Whitened

No matter what kind of whitening toothpaste that you use, your teeth are definitely not as white as they used to be.  That’s because, as Dr. Christopher Omeltschenko, from Total Dentistry in Cincinnati, explains: “Teeth are made up of a hard, outer layer, called enamel.  Enamel is porous, so over time staining foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea, berries, etc., will penetrate the enamel working down into the teeth where they can’t be brushed away.  While the stains are harmless, they darken teeth, which many people find unappealing.”

The only sure way to get the yellow out is to do a teeth makeover.  That means going to your dentist and having a professional whitening session done that will deep clean your teeth until they gleam.  Your new smile will compliment the new you better than you can imagine.

Tip #3: Change Your Make-Up

When was the last time you changed your foundation?  Oh sure, you spent hours trying to find just the right shade that matched your skin and you don’t want to go that again.  But, how much has your skin changed since you last matched a foundation product to it?  If it’s been over a year; it’s time.

Next, how about going a different direction with your highlighter, which will, of course, drag all the rest of the color you’re adding along with it.  Maybe it’s time to go bigger on your eyes?  Emphasize the tightline with a new, bolder eyeliner and maybe even some lashes?

The main thing is you won’t know your new look until you’ve tried it out with a talented make-up maestro at your favorite department store, who knows all the latest tricks and the capabilities of every new product like the back of her hand.

Tip #4: Wardrobe Changes

How long have you been wearing the same old clothes?  When was the last time you bought a dress just because it looked good, rather than first considering what else you owned that would go with it?  It’s time for a wardrobe change for the coming year

makeover tips

First, let’s consider what’s out; prime suspects for donation to Goodwill.  Plaid has run its course and is out.  Lace-up corset belts?  Out, but don’t donate them because they might be back.  Millennial Pink has run its course and is out – it’s Meghan Markle’s turn now; the Duchess of Cambridge has left the building.  And finally, it’s time for the fanny packs to go.

So, what are the replacements?  Prints are in.  Wide, primary-colored belts are all over the place.  If there’s a dominant color these days, it’s probably lavender.  And a fringe handbag will make you forget all about your departed fanny packs.

The main thing is, have fun while you use these makeover tips and transform into a new you for 2019 and beyond.

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