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I Am A White Woman Living In America

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I am a white woman living in America. America, like most countries, has a history.  Some of the history is good, some of it, not so good. Through the centuries, there has been one constant. Violence.  People, whether they are white, black, Asian or Muslim, contribute to this constant. It cannot be blamed on just one group.

This past week, we’ve had two shootings. Alton Sterling and Philando Castille. These two men were family men.  They were someone’s son, brother, father, husband or boyfriend. They had a place in this world and they were taken far too soon.

Do we have a race issue?  Absolutely we do. In this day and age, what is the purpose? For the most part, each race contributes positively to our society. We are ALL Americans. We should be building our fellow Americans up, not shooting them down. Literally or figuratively.

If a cop feels they are in danger, they should be shooting to disarm, not to kill. It is easier to heal a wound. You cannot bring back the dead. If a cop has issues with another race, they should never put on a badge.  A cop is one of those careers that you have to work with EVERYONE. You can’t say, “Oh, they’re black. Can you take this call?” Your job is to protect and serve EVERYONE.

With that said, repaying violence with violence?  So NOT the answer! Overnight, there were snipers shooting cops in the back in Dallas TX.  Those people are not activists. They are not protectors of their race.  They are cowards. They are killers. You cannot take the law into your own hands and dole out what you think is justice.  Those cops who shot Alton and Philando?  They will be dealt with. Why should other cops who are out there, risking their lives, protecting all races, be punished for a few bad cops?  Do you not realize how asinine that is?

Did MLK Jr died fighting for equality, only to be paid back by doing what he died fighting.

The empathy and sympathy that were directed to Alton and Philando is now being taken away and redirected as anger to you. How is that constructive? It’s not. How is that helpful? It’s not. Is it going to bring those two men back to life?  No.

Again, I am a white woman. I can type away at this keyboard, my thoughts on what is going on around me. But, I will freely admit, I cannot by any means imagine what you are feeling. I have black friends. And I love them dearly. I hurt when they hurt. I know they are hurting today and that is killing me.

As a white woman, I have less to fear. As a white woman, I don’t feel discriminated against. As a white woman, I am a privileged minority. As a white woman, I fear for my country while fearing my country.

I love America and what it stood for. But, it has been on a downward spiral for years, that may take generations to recover from. Am I being overly dramatic?  In my 43 year old mind, I don’t think I am. Citizens are leaving our country by the thousands each year. I’ve considered being one of those thousands. Every country has their own issues, but, America? You are your own worst enemy.

We need to pull ourselves together. We need to stand with one another and bring our country back to what it was intended for. Because right now?  Our forefathers are turning in their graves.

Is race an issue?  Absofreakinglutely. On all sides. I have friends that are in a biracial relationship. The looks they get from both races, (strangers) when they are out? They laugh it off, but, it still hurts. They love each other and are being looked at as if their love is wrong. As the saying goes, love is love.

We need to stand together to help each other. We have to stand together to move on. We cannot live in the past. If we are going to succeed at life, we need to look to the future. And if we are seeing the same issues five, ten, even fifty years from now? Then what are we fighting for? It’s the 21st freaking century people. Get a damned grip already.

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