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Why I’m Glad I Grew Up Before Technology

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I have to say, there are SO many reasons why it’s great to be a teen and in your 20’s these days. There are many opportunities to do things those in my generation couldn’t or didn’t have the opportunity to do. Such as being able to keep in touch with your family who lived in another state easily. Meeting new people based on “groups” you’re involved with online. Having a world of information at your fingertips. These are just a few of the things I would love to have had when I was in high school and college. However, there are MANY reasons why I’m glad I grew up before technology came into our daily routine.

before technology

  • Being Stupid – Anything I did as a teen or as a college student? Stayed in the past. I don’t have pictures online coming back to haunt me. What I don’t want to remember, I can let slowly fade from my memory.
  • Feeling Safe – Sure, there were stalkers before technology, but technology takes it to a whole new level. It’s easier to have your identity stolen or replicated. You know all those facebook accounts that come out with friend requests for someone you know your friends with already. Stolen pictures. I actually had someone follow me, unfollow me and then block me on Instagram. The thing that startled me? The picture of the person was one of mine that I use as a profile picture on my Author account on Twitter. I am assuming the account was deleted because I had friends look up the account and it wasn’t there.
  • Being Present – When us Gen Xers were with our friends, before technology, we were with our friends. We didn’t have a screen dividing us and texting other friends. We were able to sit down and have a conversation without interruption. When I got my first smart phone, I did it all the time. I had my phone out because I wanted to be connected all the time with the outside world. Now? I rarely bring my phone out to look at when I’m out with friends, at a party or hanging with my family.
    Before Technology
  • Not Attached At The Hip – When we were kids, our parents didn’t have to worry (too much) if we weren’t connected to their hips. I would be out the door after breakfast and my parents were lucky to see me before dinner. I knew my curfew was when the street lights came on. The games we had were always fun. Kickball, Catch, Hide & Seek and Red Light, Green Light or Potato Sack races to name a few. I would play hide and seek in the apartment complex I lived in that had 26 apartment buildings. We didn’t really worry about being kidnapped. We’d have lunch at whatever friends house we were at, at lunch time.
  • Not Always Available – In my 20’s, if you couldn’t reach me? Oh well, leave a message on the answering machine. I’ll call you when I get home. These days people are always expected to be available. No matter where they are. We are no longer tied to our landlines and unreachable if we’re not home. If we didn’t answer, we didn’t answer and it was ok. But now, if you don’t answer the ringing cell phone, you get that text message. “Call Me!” Then reamed up one side and down the other when you finally called back. “Where were you??” “Why didn’t you answer your phone???” I’m like, Dude, chill… I was…. Whatever I was doing. But, why should we feel the need to explain? I just now say, “I don’t keep my phone with me all the time.”
    before technology

Now, I’m not saying that growing up with technology is a bad thing. I truly don’t think it is. There are MANY advantages. But, the advantages I think are more for the adults. However, there are many disadvantages too. Children don’t really have a childhood anymore. They’re online instead of outside. There are electronic babysitters to keep the kids quiet instead of parents talking and connecting with their kids. The disconnect we have as a society where we don’t always talk to each other. Being with someone doesn’t mean you’re always with them. There are always interruptions. You’re always expected to be available. In your personal and work lives.

What was your favorite thing that you were able to do before technology took over and you may not always have that freedom now?


  1. Sapana V

    No doubt technology is a good thing nowadays. But I too miss my childhood days when we spent quality time with family rather than hooking to phones.
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  2. Melissa

    I remember taking photos for the sake of memories and not to share with the world. I try to put my phone away when I’m with friends. My boyfriend’s cousin, her husband, and friend were at our house and they are all in the early 20s. They hung out at our house by playing separately on their phones, while one played video games. We weren’t sure why they wanted to be at our house for that! ?

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      It honestly doesn’t make sense to me lol! We have definitely lost that connection with people. As stated, I did the same thing in the beginning. But I make a point of keeping my phone away. Unless I know something’s going on. Then I bring the phone on the table but leave it off to the side so I can see if it lights up.

  3. Abbey Olivo

    I so agree with all of this! I see kids glued to technology and wish they would just go outside and PLAY! Also I know how mean kids can be and cyber bullying and internet predators scare me quite a bit. I have a 2 1/2 year old and feel like there is a lot more I need to protect her from growing up compared to what was there when I was a kid.

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      Yes! I know there are some parent’s who don’t mind that their kids stay inside. It is more dangerous now than it was when we were younger. And I find that is one of the reasons parent’s don’t want their kids out of sight for too long. I can’t fault them for that either. I was afraid when my son was out of my sight for too long.

  4. Paul

    I was just talking with someone the other day about how thankful I am that my entire life is not out there on the Internet for all to see. My childhood was spent playing outside until the lights came on. Nowadays children stay in the house and socialize online. It must be incredibly lonely. Great article!

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      I wonder how lonely they find it though! A lot of kids have so much anxiety these days, my son included. I think they prefer NOT having that face to face interactions. Although, my son has started going out more now that he has his license. He’ll walk around the park with his girlfriend and friends or go to the local Starbucks and hang out.

  5. Crystal VanTassel-Lopez

    This is so so true!! And I am guilty of letting my kids be on their devices. But, you’re right! I would be mortified if all of the embarrassing things I did at 12 or 17 or whenever were all documented on social media. And when we were with our friends, we were talking to each other. Not a person on a screen. Things really are different. It is such a sign of the times.


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