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My Journey Back Into A Direct Sales Business – Part One ~ Lipsense

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So, I’m sure you all know, I was laid off many moons ago. Back in April, I was laid off from my job as a Sr. Technical Documentation Writer. During the past six months, I’ve worked on my Freelance business as well as the second book I’ve been writing. While doing that, I’ve heard so much about this company called Senegence. Better known for their Lipsense products. Lipsense Lip Color is long lasting (up to 18 hours!) liquid lipstick that molecularly bonds to your lips and is sealed in with a gloss.  OMG. I have to say, I stopped wearing lipstick YEARS ago because it would come off on my food (eewww), land on my teeth (ugh), and disappear from my lips within a couple of hours.


With Lipsense, my lips stay fresh with color all day long! I knew this was a company I could and did believe in. So, I decided to take the leap and jumped back into the Direct Sales arena. I sold for a few other companies over ten years ago, so things have definitely changed! Lipsense was only a $55 commitment. My sponsor is my younger cousin from out west. She and I got to talking about it and I figured why not?

You do not have to purchase your inventory right away if you choose not to. You can wait and do preorders if you have an online party. I happened to join the Lipsense family in September when they were running a great special for new Distributors, so I did purchase some inventory to have on hand.


So, at this time, if you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I am working on my Freelance Virtual Assistant Business. I am a published author, I am a jewelry and accessories designer and I am now a Lipsense Distributor! I have another one, but that’s going to be another post! Whew!  I know it seems crazy to take all that on, and as I’m still building up my businesses, I’m working on getting my name out there to build up my client list! The links in this paragraph lead to my business and author websites, my Etsy shop and my public Facebook group. Feel free to join the group and favorite my shop!

Getting started with Lipsense is pretty easy. My cousin provided me her Distributor ID as my sponsor and I had everything filled out in less than 15 minutes. And I have to say, I LOVE it. I get to meet many new people and share my rediscovered love of lipstick!

You may be asking yourself. Why Lipsense? Well, here are some key points:

  • Only $55 to join. That is MUCH less than a lot of other Direct Sales companies out there
  • We can earn between 20% – 50%
  • No Quota
  • You can sign up to buy for yourself with the discount, or sell and earn money as well
  • Did I mention? No lipstick teeth????
  • It’s a younger company. Unlike other direct sales companies that have been out for many years and have saturated the market, this one has NOT. Lipsense is still new and this is the time where the largest growth happens – wouldn’t you want to be in it from the start?!?

Now, in all fairness, Senegence isn’t JUST Lipsense. They have eyeshadows, mascara, liners, foundations and more! And you can intermingle. Some people use lip colors for eyeshadow. You can also blend the lip colors! I’ve been having fun with that using Plum Pretty, Apple Cider, and First Love! You can blend them to darken or lighten a color. With three lip colors, you can have 27 different shades of lip color!


How can you go wrong with so many choices?!

If you love makeup and you are looking for a great company to sign on with, I’d love to talk with you! Join my Facebook group for information. Reach out to me via email at tradesofjacqui AT gmail DOT com with any questions you have! Or, if you’ve been on the fence and you’re ready to take that leap like I did, you can follow these steps:

Visit and click the link to sign up



You would use my Distributor ID 456628 and select Individual account. Click Continue and it will ask you to confirm my name


It then takes you to a new screen where you will enter in your contact information.

  •  Enter your first & last name in the fictitious business name field. Any commission checks will be made out to this name.
  •  Select that you want the new distributor package for $55.
  •  Once that is complete, you have officially become a LipSense Distributor! Yay!

I will then get an email that you’ve signed up under my name and will work with you to grow your business! And as a gift from me for signing up with me, I will gift you a free lip color and gloss as a welcome gift.

So, if you’re ready to jump in and join the Lipsense team, reach out to me or follow the steps above! I look forward to talking with you :).

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  1. Eric Gamble

    I am so glad you found your next adventure in life as a direct sales business consultant for Lipsenes (Senegence). Darcee is a customer for lipsense with her mom as her family is involved in Wyoming. She loves the stuff.
    I think the key as you put it, is that you believe in your product. So many people feel hustled by direct sales consultants who are trying to make money. But if you personally use and believe in the products, the money and success will follow.
    Congrats again on all of your success!
    Eric Gamble recently posted…The Ultimate Camping Adventure Packing ChecklistMy Profile


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