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List of Stolen RVs in America

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The RVing community is a huge one. Whether they are living in their RVs full time, or they are weekend Warriors. They love their little home on wheels that take them wherever they want to go, whenever they want to go. But there is a trend that, to me, is unacceptable. There are those who feel they have the right to other peoples property. Those who are weekend RVers, usually store their RVs on land specifically for this need. Whether it’s an open area, or in an enclosed venue such as an underground facility or an above ground building.  But thieves who, for various reasons, feel they have a right to the things people who have worked hard for. This post is for the list of stolen RVs in America.

list of stolen RVs in America

Stolen RVs are not just from storage lots, so, don’t get me wrong. Lots are generally very safe because they are usually enclosed and have cameras on site. So, it takes someone very brave, or stupid, to try and steal something so big from one of these locations. Have you seen how big these homes on wheels are? Not exactly something you can stick in your pocket.

There are ways to try and secure your RV from being stolen. There are trailer hitch locks. Just place it on the hitch and lock it. This is meant to stop people from being able to hitch your RV to their own vehicle. However, these alone, are not always a guaranteed safety measure.

list of stolen rvs in america

Another way to secure your RV is wheel locks.  These locks are easy to use and aren’t just used by the authorities to repossess a car for non-payments! Just place on the wheel and push the lock in place to lock the wheel from moving. So, unless the thief has a tow bed truck to take the RV, I don’t think they’re going to get very far with these.

list of stolen rvs in america

I am a member of several RV groups on Facebook that the community talks about their trips. We also discuss stolen RVs. This morning alone, two RVers reported their RVs stolen. This post will be updated with the status if they are found and will remain until they are found. It will also be updated with each new stolen RV notice I am made aware of. Images of the RVs and the police contacts will be provided as well.

Sometimes these RVs are found being sold online on sites such as craigslist or offer up. They may also be found on Deer Leases. I had never heard of a Deer Lease until today to be quite honest. These are sections of land that land owners lease out to hunters. They are prime land for the volume of deer that cross. Stolen RVs can be used by these deer hunters. But, there are so many deer leases across the country, it’s hard to go to each one to see if your stolen RV is on that land. And that is just the registered deer leases. There may be land owners who lease land under the radar or have regular hunters that they don’t advertise the land any longer.

Now, without further ado, here is the list of stolen RVs in America that I have and will continue to update. There will be a LOST section and a FOUND section.


  • Susan’s RV was stolen from Lock-AWay Storage in Garden Ridge, Texas between June 11, 2017, and July 26, 2017. She and her husband discovered missing when they went to prep it for their trip. It is a 2016 Jayco Jay Flight 34RSBS, License plate B12 9092. The VIN# 1UJBJ0BT0G1T20310. If you have any information, please contact Deputy Davis at 830-620-3400.
    list of stolen rvs in america list of stolen rvs in america list of stolen rvs in america

Roman reported his RV stolen on July 27, 2017, from an RV Park in McAllen, TX. It is a 2008 Frontier Trax, 22-foot toy hauler. License Plate B22 4300. If you have any information, please contact the McAllen Police Department – at 956-681-2000.
list of stolen RVs in america list of stolen rvs in america

list of stolen rvs in america

Great image with the Knight Racing wording under TRAX. Should be easy to identify!

  • Dedra in NW Topeka KS had her RV stolen from her yard while at work the week of 2/4/18. The RV cover was actually left on the ground and the lock cut off. The person backed up into the yard, hitched up the trailer and left. It is a 2017 Coleman Lantern BH 263. Two side doors. Shawnee County KS License plate # SN 756 JYC. The police department has the VIN on file, so, if it’s ever attempted to be registered, it will come up as stolen. If you have any information on this stolen RV, please contact Officer Blanchard at the Shawnee County Sheriffs Office at 785-251-2200.  Thank you!

Stolen RVs

If you have had an RV stolen and would like to add it to this list, please contact me at the link above and provide The Year/Make/Model, License Plate Number, VIN # if you have it and the contact number to the police station handling the theft. Please also include images. Specifically, images that have something unique to your trailer to make it easier to identify if someone sees it.

If you see the stolen RVs, PLEASE contact the phone numbers I’ve included above! These people have worked hard to purchase these RVs and do not deserve to have their property stolen. Heck, no one deserves to be stolen from. Let’s bring these stolen RVs back to their owners. Thank you!



    Good post. Thx! I also put some tips on my site. A coupler lock, etc. should not be missing in your tool box. A RV is too expensive to lose.

  2. Ernest Walker

    RV cover is essential materials for a car. It can save & protect your car from snow, winter & summer. Your tips are very helpful. I would be beneficial to follow your advice. Your list is great.

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    Lost RV is probably stolen and such. Getting a new one is really hard to do since they are costly. So taking care of your RV by adding security is very important when you have one.


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