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My Goals for 2018

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Having goals is a way to keep yourself on track. Putting them in writing is a way to keep yourself accountable. Whether you are doing them for personal or business reasons, put them to paper. Or, make a vision board to hang where you can see it. So, here is me, putting my goals for 2018 in black and white. I’ll come back at the end of the year and see how much I’ve accomplished!

Business Goals:

  • Get my Etsy shops more traction. I have a Jewelry shop, a Printables shop, and a Wine Charm shop. For Christmas, I got a jewelry stamping kit and a Cricut Explore One machine to up my game and diversify even more!  My printables shop will start to offer more items that will be passive income. My customers will be able to get what they want and print their items themselves!
  • Participate in more vendor shows. There are many vendor shows in my area. I am also willing to travel up to 1 hour and 15 minutes away to join them. However, as part of my goals for 2018, I will be more selective. I’m sending out questionnaires to the coordinators, asking about the events. Not jumping on them to get in there. As I want to eventually purchase an RV and become a traveling vagabond, participating in vendor events around the country, this is a start to getting my name out there, with my many businesses. So, I need to be selective and go with events that not only can I get my name out at, but one’s that will allow me to make a living that I am comfortable with.
    My Goals for 2018
  • Promote my Amazon Influencer Shop: I was so excited when Amazon asked me to participate with them as an influencer with their new beta program. I have a wide variety of products listed that I love for different parts of my life. My jewelry business, my Lipsense business, the RV Lifestyle I want to live, to my favorite electronics. There are items listed for just about everyone!
  • Virtual Assistant Business: I know! I am still going to work on this. I love working with people and helping them make their vision a reality. Whether it’s by making items they love, or providing a service they need. With my VA business, I’m going to promote it more, but also become more active online. I got a bit discouraged this past year, after I was laid off from my job. My VA business had started off well, but lost traction as the year went on. I also plan to start doing more live videos on this page. Providing information that people can use to help them succeed in their own ventures.
  • Social Media: I plan to work more on my online presence. One of the ways is through giveaways like the one I’m running on my Instagram page, for a free 2018 bloom planner! I want to interact more with people online, but also have them interact with me and my postings. I post things, but I really don’t receive the interaction I hoped I would receive. I’m not sure what that cause is, but I plan to find out!
    My Goals for 2018
  • Networking: I want to meet more like minded people. Not just in business, but in personal parts of my life as well! It’s all well and good when you know people who are opposite yourself, but, at the same time? You need people in your circle who have the same interests to bounce ideas off on.

Personal Goals:

  • While everything above is all well and good written down, I am very realistic. As a single mom, I know that the first few years of any business is rocky. You will lose money easier than you make it. So, with me being laid off, my money isn’t going to last forever. I am about to cash out stocks that I have with my previous places of employment. So, I will continue to apply for jobs outside the home. One downside is that I am location restricted. As I have a son, I cannot just up and move to a new job. I’m applying for jobs up to one hour away from where I live. I’ve had career counselors stumped that I’m not getting more interviews. My resume is perfect as are my online profiles and cover letters. We’ve determined that as I’m older, I am at that phase of being over AND under qualified for jobs :(. But, I will still plug away. I’m a go-getter and I won’t give up.
    My Goals for 2018
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone. I wrote a post about this before, however, since I was laid off from my job, I haven’t had the opportunity to do this. I’m afraid of spending money outside of what is necessary. So, as part of my goals for 2018, I plan to research free, or very low cost ways to do this.
  • Family and Friends. Since I’ve moved to my “new” hometown two years ago, I haven’t had many visitors. I know part is because I am further away from everyone. But, the other reason is, that I fell into a funk and just haven’t invited people to my new home. I try to get out of that, but it’s not easy. 2018 WILL be different.
  • Weight Loss. I’m hoping to lose another forty pounds in the coming year to allow me a healthier lifestyle!

These are just some of my goals for 2018 and I’m sure I’ll be adding more to them. What are some of your goals for 2018? Whether they are business or personal, I’d love to hear them!

My Goals for 2018

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  1. Antionette Blake

    Yes, I am planning quarterly goals for 2018 as I don’t do resolutions. I love what you have listed and wishing you well.

  2. Tammy

    Good luck with your goals. Looks like you have a great selection of items to sell.

  3. Tina Bowling

    I can’t tell you how inspiring your goals for 2018 are for me! I love how you are so diversified in all that you do. I dabble here and there but REALLY need to go full force with a few more of my business ventures as well.

  4. Gladys parker

    I’ll start by saying I love your goal of traveling via RV around the country with your businesses. Second, it is very hard to get interaction from the outside world. Friends and I have tried with little success. When I expect comments I hear crickets. I wish you well in 2018!

  5. Heather

    I love your goals, traveling in an RV used to be one of my goals. Maybe down the road when the kids are older. Keep at them and take all the baby steps you need to get there and you will. Happy 2018!

  6. Lisa Rios

    This is a wonderful list of goals. I love how you are so organized and prepared.


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