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Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

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I had the opportunity this past week to go camping for the first time in over twenty years. I received a Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent from Napier to review. And before I get into my story, let me tell you. I LOVED IT! The tent was huge inside. The main room is 10×10 feet and the sun room (yes, the sun room!) was 7×6 feet. Because of the wind (keep reading!) I didn’t put the awning up. Check it out! Warning, it’s not as neatly done as the image on Napier Outdoors website!

Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

Looking at the pictures, you can see that I may have pulled it tighter than I should have. As this was the first time I’ve done it, I wanted to make sure the wind didn’t take it down! And because I don’t have a sports rack on my car (Note to self, get one by the next time I go camping!) I used the longer straps to hook to the latches under my hood.

Normally, the bottom straps that you see leading to my back doors? They are supposed to hook to the wheel well. But I think I didn’t have my car centered properly, and the tent was off center. I worked with what I had!

I’m sure you’re asking, “Well, what if I want to go somewhere? I can’t because the sportz suv tent is attached to the car!” Yes you can! See my images here:

Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

Attached to the car

Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

Zipped up to make the Sportz SUV Tent a freestanding tent.

There is a section right there, where it attaches to your car that you can zip it up and unlatch from your car and off you go. Easy Peasy! I like the option of having it attached to your car because you can keep everything together and not have to keep going back to your car to get it, or to take up room in the sportz suv tent. The tent sleeps 6 – 8 people. So, when you’re by yourself, it’s like having your own little studio apartment! A great option for people wanting to live a lifestyle on the road, but can’t quite afford an RV yet!

Due to the wind, I did not put the awning up. But, you can see here, there is the door to that part of the tent.  I’m going to attach another image from Napier Outdoors website so you can see a better view of it completely up.

Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent

Looks much better than my version!  LOL.

So, story time!

Yesterday and last night were…. Interesting. But, I did get the tent and went camping by myself. As I am currently planning to live a remote lifestyle in the future, traveling the country, I knew I needed to do this by myself. Just to know that I could do it. You know? As a single woman, it can be scary to go out on your own. But I won’t let that stop me!

It was supposed to take 15 minutes for one person to do the job and get the sportz suv tent up. However, because of the wind and my complete lack of upper body strength, it took me an hour… No fault of the tent. Completely the weather and me! lol. (Hey, I haven’t been camping in OVER 20 years. AND??? This was the first time I EVER put a tent up. I’m proud that it got up!) No biggie. Well, as I was finishing it, I realize… It’s not turned the right way… .

Ok, well, it’s up, I’ll just turn it around! Yeah, like a house of cards, it came tumbling down. Not quite sure WHY I thought it would be that easy lol.

Took me ANOTHER hour to get it put back up. Because, yes, the wind and lack of upper body strength! But, I am proud of myself that I DID get it up! By myself! The tent itself is VERY easy to put up. I had no issues putting the tent up!  But the wind with gusts of up to 20 – 25 MPH? Not so easy!

I couldn’t put my hammock up because of the wind and these ball type things kept falling from the trees. I swear, if one hit me I would have gotten a concussion!

Dinner time rolls around. I haven’t eaten all day. Completely forgot to! I left my long lighter at home by accident. No problem, I’ll use my survivalist matches that will stay lit even with wind and rain. I’m sure they would have stayed lit. IF THEY HAD LIT! I couldn’t get a spark going. So, no fire pit for me. I ended up with cold taco meat for dinner.

Now, let’s go into the night. The wind kept getting worse. I was looking at the weather app and it was saying 14 MPH. THERE IS NO WAY IT WAS ONLY FLIPPIN 14 MPH! (As the night went on, the wind got stronger. At one point up to 24 MPH) And it only kept getting worse. I caught sleep in fits. Those dang ball things kept falling. When they hit your car? It’s like someone threw a rock at it, it was so loud.

I ended up leaving at early light and was able to catch a couple hours of sleep this morning at home.

With all that said! The tent was fantastic! It held up. There were no leaks with the rain. And the wind lost the fight in trying to tear it down! Thankfully it didn’t storm like it said, but it did rain. I ended up sleeping in my car with the seats down. Just in case I didn’t have the stakes in good enough and the tent collapsed on me lol.

white oak campground office and store

I had stayed at White Oaks Campground in Quarryville, PA. I cannot say enough good things about them! The campgrounds were great. They have a great selection of spots to choose from. Whether you are in a tent or an RV. You can hook up to water and electric. They have seasonal spots too. I had chosen a tent site that was the furthest away. As I was the only tent there, they did give me the option to change. However, in hindsight? I probably should have!

White Oaks Campground Site Map - I was at site 197

The campgrounds are neat, clean and very well taken care of by the staff. I’ve heard horror stories about campground bathrooms in RV groups I’m in on Facebook. But these were very clean. Heck, when I walked up to the bathroom one time, the guy was there cleaning it.

And the staff? Absolutely phenomenal! Very friendly! They let me borrow a mallet because I forgot mine. The grounds person even took me back down in the golf cart to make sure I had the right one to use. (My legs thank you kind sir!)

This morning I am SO sore! Used muscles I never knew I had. Even aleve can’t help me. So if you see me in the next couple of days and I’m walking like I have a stick up my butt, you know why!

And yesterday, I know I gave my mom, step-dad and dad a big ole laugh in heaven, with all my cussing and screaming because of the wind. I was like, yeah, mom, nine years you’ve been gone, I miss you like crazy, but STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

Sportz SUV Tent

Have you tried the Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent? If you enjoy the tent camping lifestyle, what would you love about this kind of tent?

Disclosure: I did receive a Napier Sportz SUV Tent to review. White Oak Campground also discounted my tent site in collaboration of this sponsored post.


  1. Karen Johnston

    Looks like a great setup and so glad you conquered the weather! Neat that you can take the tent on and off as needed without having to take the whole thing down. You lucked out on a great campground too! I’ve been to some great ones and some I would rather not revisit. It certainly helps when staff is nice and place is kept clean.

  2. Sapana V

    This tent is so spacious. It is perfect for a family outing.
    Sapana V recently posted…Utterly-Adorably Animal Costumes for Baby Boys and GirlsMy Profile

  3. Rebecca E. Parsons

    Methinks I would consider (yes…consider) camping with one of these. I would sleep n the van though!! Gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui!!

  4. Kim

    I’m glad you stuck it out and are planning on camping out more!

  5. REna

    I love camping and have an SUV. I’ve never seen one of these in person, but saw them online and wondered how well they would work out. Thanks for the honest review.
    REna recently posted…How To Know If You Are Using The Right Social Media Scheduling Tool For Your BusinessMy Profile


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