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Passengers Movie Review

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Today my daughter and I went to the movies to see Passengers.  I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.  I figured you cannot go wrong seeing a movie they were in! Then I saw negative movie reviews and got worried.  I read that Passengers bombed. It was not a great movie and that having Jennifer and Chris in it was the production company’s way of getting people to come see it. So, here is my Passengers Movie Review.

Even with the thought that the movie stunk, I decided to still go see it. To be honest?  It wasn’t horrible.  It wasn’t the best Jennifer and Chris have done. But, in my personal opinion, I didn’t think it was all THAT bad. **Off topic side note, it was right before the movie started, that I found out Carrie Fisher died. 🙁 Although, fitting that I was watching a space movie.  R.I.P. Carrie Fisher. You will be greatly missed!


Passengers is a movie about 5,000 citizens of Earth sleeping away 120 years while they traveled to their new planet, Homestead II. This planet was going to allow people to live fresh new lives on an uninhabited planet with all new resources.

The ship, Avalon, went through a meteor shower. It got hit by a fairly large meteor. This caused Chris Pratt’s character, Jim Preston’s sleeping chamber to malfunction and he was awakened 90 years too soon.  It took him a little time before he figured out he was the only one awake. When he did, he was a little shocked.  There was no staff to answer any questions and the communication that he sent back to Earth would take 56 years round trip. In hindsight?  Maybe not the best idea to have a ship completely unmanned.

Passengers Movie Review

During the next year, Jim goes through stages of shock, grief, anger and yes, a complete asshole move. I’ll explain that in a moment. During one of his grief modes, he almost ended it all. He ran back into the safety of the ship and tripped over a liquor bottle. That’s when he found Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Aurora Lane.

More Spoilers!

During the next several months, he “stalked” (if you can call it that), Aurora. He read all about her, watched her videos, sat next to her sleeping chamber. Kind of creepy, yes. But hell, he was the only living soul on board and he knew he was going to die alone. Can’t fully count the droid bartender. Although, did love my Arthur!

Well, Jimmy boy went off the deep end and chose to wake Aurora up. I know!!!!  I was yelling at him as much as she was too! He just gave her a life sentence. What the hell Jim!!!

For a little bit, he passed it off that her sleeping chamber malfunctioned. They got to know each other and fell in love.  Well, we all know… Secrets will come back and bite you in the arse.

But, before that all happened, they were having a great time!  Got to see an up close and personal view of a red giant star:

Suiting up in space suits, they jump off the side of the ship for fun. However, I can’t imagine the feeling of free falling into space.  How exciting!

After the SHTF for our boy Jim, Aurora went ballistic on him and then started ignoring him.  She thought she was saved when Laurence Fishburne’s character Gus Mancuso woke up. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the movie long, but it was enough to help Jim and Aurora.

Jim and Aurora had to figure out how to fix the ship after Gus died. Now, I will leave you here with the question, “Did they, or did they not, live happily ever after?”

If you’ve seen the movie, I’d love to hear what your opinion was. Since I’ve spoiled the movie here, tell me your favorite and least favorite part!

Disclaimer: There was no compensation for this review. I received nothing in return for this review. This is a movie I truly wanted to see and wanted to share my thoughts with you all.


  1. Alli

    For some strange reason, I haven’t even heard about this movie. Usually, if the critics hate it, I like it. 🙂 This movie is probably not one I would pick to go see, but now I’m intrigued and want to know what happened in the end.

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      The genre is definitely one you have to be interested in. And I am the same way, if the critics hate it, I go see it and wonder what they were on when they watched it because it was a GREAT movie! lol

  2. Paula Schuck

    Thanks for the review! I love this type of movie, and both of these stars are two of my favorites. I’ve heard the critics pretty much panned it, but they ALWAYS pan the movies I love. LOL

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      Agreed! The critics are way too critical lol! I don’t think they’re fully in touch with what the general audience appreciates 🙂

  3. candy

    We are going to see Passengers tonight and I am really looking forward to watch this movie. You only help intrigue me more.

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      Good! I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Chubskulit Rose

    I have seen the triler of this and still waiting for it to be played here at our nearby movie ciname. I like the futuristic theme of it.

    1. Chubskulit Rose

      *trailer *cinema .. sorry for the typos

  5. Destany

    I have been passively interested in this movie. Most of the time I don’t let review sway my opinion of movies. I go see them anyway 🙂

  6. Stephanie Jeannot

    That looks like a good movie to watch. I would love to see it. Your desription of it somewhat reminds me a little of “Legend” in a way. Sounds awesome.

  7. lisa

    I think this looks like a fascinating movie. I can’t wait to see it. Sounds like I will enjoy it!

  8. Sarah Bailey

    It is a shame it isn’t as good as it could be as they have two very talented actors at the helm. I will definitely see it once it is out to rent, I’m not a huge cinema goer, it has to be something very special for me to do that.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Top Sale Picks: ShoesMy Profile

  9. Pam Wattenbarger

    This reminds me of the plot of a young adult novel my daughter was telling me about. I think it was called “Across the Universe” or something like that. It’s not exactly the same but it’s really simillar!

  10. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I have been wanting to watch this movie. I heard such great things about it. Now I definitely plan on checkin it out soon.

  11. Liz Mays

    Hmm, I may be interested in seeing this one even though I don’t normally watch sci-fi movies. I haven’t seen a lot of movies with Jennifer Lawrence or Chris Pratt.

  12. Lisa Favre

    I saw the trailer for this movie when I went to go watch Fantastic Beasts. It really had me at the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to watch it.
    Lisa Favre recently posted…A Foodie Gift GuideMy Profile

  13. Rebecca Swenor

    Passengers sounds like a great movie to watch. We love our family movie night every week and this movie would be one we would indeed love to see at the theater. Thanks for sharing a great review and I can’t wait to see this movie.

  14. Aaronica Cole

    Ok so I didn’t read it in it’s entirety because I really want to see the movie! But I’ll be back to re-read once I see it to share my thoughts!

  15. Echo

    Honestly, before your review, I had no idea what this movie was about! Now, I totally want to see it. Usually if movies get bad reviews, I like them, hahaha!
    Echo recently posted…It’s Almost 2017…My Profile

  16. NYC Single Mom

    when I first saw the previews I wanted to see the movie too until I started seeing the bad reviews. Then I thought how bad could it be chris pratt and jennifer lawrence and I like to see space movies on the big screen. Well at this point unless it’s still playing after I see the Oscar contenders I will watch it on the little screen. Thanks for the review

  17. Garf

    I haven’t watched the trailer of this movie but usually, if movies get bad reviews, I like them.
    Garf recently posted…3M Scotch Laminators and Pouches are on Rollback at WalmartMy Profile

  18. Eloise

    I saw the preview for this and it seems like a good one to go see! I’ll have to add it to my list of movies I still need to see and tell my guy to take me : )
    Eloise recently posted…Make 2017 The Best It Can BeMy Profile


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