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Played Movie Premier in Wilmington, DE

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I absolutely love hearing when a local does good. Delaware has had a few residents do well in Hollywood and we are always so proud! I may be a Pennsylvania transplant, but Delaware is where I was born and raised. This post is about another Delawarean making it work in Hollywood. Albert Grant is the writer/producer/director and one of the actors in Played. Saturday, May 13th, the Played movie will premier at Penn Cinema in Wilmington, at the Riverfront.

Played Movie Premier

Played was filmed in Delaware, and watching the trailer, it was exciting to see places that I’ve been to. Check out the movie trailer for Played:

A summary of the movie:

Pablo and Joe have been best friends from the time they were children. Pablo is a major drug lord and Joe is ex-military. Immediately after Joe returns home from deployment, Pablo recruited him to protect his assets. However, Pablo and his family were attacked by Pablo’s enemies and a member was lost. Consequently, Joe took this as a personal afront against their family and began the executions. Josh, Pablo’s son felt ignored by his father and threatened by his organization. He took steps to create conflict between the best friends.

Once the movie premier is over on May 13th, Albert will be submitting it to Sundance and other film festivals and will also be going the U.K., Australia, and Africa in August. So, at this time, it is not scheduled for National release. Hopefully, we will hear a date coming up! Make sure to follow along on Instagram with me for pictures of the Red Carpet Event!

If you are in or around Wilmington, you can purchase tickets through Eventbright to this event for $15. It is from 8 pm – 11 pm and sounds like a great time will be had by attendees and hanging out with the cast!

I hope to see you at the Played Movie premier!



  1. Heather Lawrence

    Sounds like you’re in for a great night! Will you be able to interview the cast after viewing the film?
    The plot of this movie sounds like something that I could totally get lost in.
    Are the producers waiting to release the film nationally because they want to see how it does at Sundance and the other film festivals?
    I hope that one day I will get a chance to see this film sounds great!

  2. Roger

    Played looks like an awesome movie! I enjoyed the trailer. It’s always great when hometown people achieve great things and makes the hometown people proud!

  3. Crystal Lopez

    What a great event! How amazing it will be to look back on this and say it is something that made it big and so local to you! I love stories like this and the success of people who work hard!

  4. Jennifer Pilgrim

    This sounds like a truly moving movie that shows the true success story of someone who works hard. This event would be such a fun thing to attend and at such an affordable price. It is also super interesting that it is from your home state.

  5. lisa

    This is pretty cool, I love to see actors make it from our State! This sounds like a very interesting event and you never know one of those film festivals just might pick up their story!

  6. Lynzy & Co

    This looks like such a great movie. I LOVE when a local movie goes to a film festival because it is so awesome to watch them blow up and becoming major hits.
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  7. Nikki

    Sounds like a really cool event! I wish them the best of luck at the Sundance Festival! It must be exciting and nerve-wracking to have a film in that fest. This sounds like an interesting drama movie!

  8. shannon

    Sounds great! I love to see people supporting their own; nothing like seeing a local do well! I wish the film luck at the upcoming festivals. Hopefully it will pick up a national release at one.

  9. Tami

    This is one of those movies that is too close to home. I know I will cry when I watch it. I am sure it will be a wonderful story line, though,

  10. Erinn S

    Wow! Sounds like a great film wit so many emotions-family, loyalty and betrayal. I’d love to see it

  11. Cheryl

    I’m sold from the trailer. I hope it gains success at the festivals. I’m originally from Detroit and I love it whenever I see movies that are shot there.

  12. Sapana V

    It’s a proud feeling when you hear a person from your native place is achieving heights of success.
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