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How To Prepare for Nuclear War

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This is not your normal post for December! But, it’s a relevant one for what’s in the news lately. It’s scary to think that nuclear war could happen during our lifetime. If high enough, the power grid could be wiped out across most, if not all, of America. This post is about how you can prepare for what happens after a Nuclear War. I previously wrote another post on prepping and off-grid living that you can check out too!Nuclear War

What could happen:

– Power Outage
– No new medicine
– No cars
– Planes falling from the sky
– Collapse of society as we know it
– Back to 18th century living

How prepared are you? I know I’m not. At all. Other than knowing what could happen of course!

Nuclear War

These sound like doomsday statements. I know that. But, in fact, it’s a reality that most Americans are not prepared for. 25 percent of people could die almost immediately (life support devices not powered). Another 25 – 35 percent of people die within six months (Medications no longer available). Another 25 percent dead due to murder in survival of the fittest, trying to protect themselves or their families from looters. That leaves 15 – 25 percent of our population left to bring America back.

What to do.

– Store a bug out bag in your car if it happens when you’re traveling
– Have a bigger bug out bag at home if you need to leave quickly
– Have a bike available as your car may not run
– Set a location that you and your family/friends meet at, within a certain time after lights out
– If you have silver, keep it for trade value. Silver will skyrocket in value. Paper money will lose all value
– Learn how to shoot a gun (sorry to those who don’t believe in guns, but welcome to your new reality)
– If you’re able to stay at home, have a minimum of three years of food available (gives you time to start growing your own)
– Stock up on medicine. To keep medicine longer, you can store it in the refrigerator. Medicine will lose potency as the years go on, but they do work well past the expiration date.
– Learn herbal remedies for medicinal purposes
– Make sure you know how to identify edible food you can eat if you find yourself walking


Nuclear War

I’ve researched my current book in progress. These approximate statistics and random information stuck in my head and it scares the heck out of me. Have you done anything yet to prepare for after a possible Nuclear War and the power grid is shut down? Comment below or share on my Facebook Page!

Nuclear War

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. If you purchase anything from these links, I may make a small commission, for which I thank you in advance. I can use it to purchase silver to get myself prepared!


  1. Sapana V

    This is scary, Hope this nuclear war won’t happen.

  2. Matthew

    well, you certainly got me with the title. I still remember watching “the day after” when I was young and being scared as hell by nuclear war. The tips are good, whether it’s nuclear war or some other cause- it’s definitely good to have some skills to survive.
    Matthew recently posted…Best Toilet Bowl Tablets | Drop-In Reviews 2018My Profile


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