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7 Reasons Why People Buy Gifts and Not Make Them

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Most of us have thought about making someone a gift at some point, but we often change our minds at the last minute and rush to the store to buy something instead. Here, we explore 7 common reasons why people buy gifts and not make them, so you can try and avoid falling into these traps and feel inspired to create something for a friend or family member instead.

reasons why people buy gifts and not make them

  1. Homemade gifts aren’t as ‘perfect’ as bought ones

Many people don’t think their crafting or baking skills are up to scratch, so tend to choose ‘perfect’, factory-made gifts instead. In fact, most people would love to receive something homemade, as it shows that a lot more thought has gone into the gift, rather than just picking something off a shelf.

  1. Making gifts can be expensive 

Some craft materials can be quite expensive, as can ingredients for home baking. It can work out particularly expensive if you waste whatever is left of the materials after making your gift. Those who don’t normally bake or craft will need to buy even more equipment. For example, cake tins or knitting needles for example, depending on what is being made.

reasons why people buy gifts and not make them

  1. Buying gifts save a lot of time

Nowadays, people are more and more busy, with most of us having to multitask at some point every day. Popping to the shop to buy a present at the last minute is so much quicker than thinking about what to make, then getting the time to sit down and do it. However, with a bit of planning making a gift can be just as quick as going shopping – a quick search online will bring up hundreds of gifts which can be made in 30 minutes or less.

  1. Bought gifts are more convenient 

Some of us don’t feel we have any skills in the areas of crafting/ baking. Therefore, going to the store to buy something is much more convenient than trying to learn a new skill. It’s also easier to get a gift which is already neatly packaged in a pretty box. This saves the need to find something to suitable package a homemade gift. It’s simply a case of buying some gift wrap or a gift bag. Finding something to wrap a homemade gift can add to the hassle of making it. Such as finding a suitable jar or bottle for food gifts.

  1. It’s difficult to think what to make 

It can be difficult to make a gift for someone you don’t know very well. Often, homemade gifts are given to someone we know well, as the gift can be made very personal to them. Or, you might have an idea of what you want to give the person. However, it’s too difficult to create it at home. This is certainly true if they have already spotted something they would like.

  1. It can feel somewhat childish

Those of us who aren’t very creative can feel a bit childish when trying to make a homemade gift. Sometimes your attempts to make something might not turn out at all like how you had planned. Looking more like something made by a toddler!

  1. The recipient might take the gift the wrong way

Sometimes, a homemade gift can feel a bit too intimate for someone you don’t know very well. In some cases, it can be better to stick to a store-bought gift to prevent any awkwardness.

Can you think of other reasons why people buy gifts and not make them?  Share your comments below!

Emily is a contributing writer for She generously wrote this post in sharing why homemade gifts are great gifts as well!

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