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RV Toilets – Which is better?

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So, this post is going to be a little different than my other posts. We’re going to talk RV toilets! Great topic, right?  In the several groups for people who RV full time or part time, there is always a question of, do you use your RV toilets? The reaction is quite mixed. Some say absolutely not because they don’t want to have to clean it. Others say absolutely they do because it’s the cleanest they know and it’s there, so why not?

Of course, I had to do my research. I wanted to know how the composting toilets work. For budgeting reasons, I will probably do a lot more boondocking than I would parking and hooking up in a campground.

rv toilets

Composting toilets do not run cheap. The initial investment is close to $1,000.  If you get a good brand, there is virtually no smell and it reduces your water use by almost 60 percent. Which is great because if you’re hauling water, it’s heavy!  If you decide to haul water instead of filling your tanks at the campground because you are boondocking, that’s 8 lbs for every gallon you haul.

Some of these toilets get 60 – 80 uses before you have to clean them. For a single person traveling by RV? That’s months of use! Composting toilets separate the liquids from the solids. You get the drift, I won’t go into details lol. The solids turn into humus (not HUMMUS, that we eat, ewww. Now I’m not sure I can eat it again…) which is ecologically better for our environment. It’s no worse than adding animal waste back to the land. If you live in the country, you know how that works! At a campground, you can ask them if they have a composting bin to empty yours. If not, and you don’t have anywhere to put it, simply place in a bag and throw away. Or take it out into the woods and dump it. Not where people walk though! Get off that beaten path man!

You will need to empty the liquid tank every few days of course. But that is normal with any toilet you have in your RV.

rv toilets

What are the different types of composting toilets to consider?

• Self-contained systems. The system is fully connected and, for all intents and purposes, a whole unit. If you have confined space availability or a multi-story house, these systems may work best for you.
• Centralized systems. A large, centralized tank would be installed either under your home (RV) or outdoors, and all waste is flushed to the storage tank. There are multiple types of centralized systems that vary in the ways they flush waste and in the number of storage chambers they hold. Depending on your particular situation, a centralized system could provide a better experience, as it is similar to a traditional toilet.

I think for the RV Lifestyle the better composting RV toilets would be the Self-contained one.

What are the benefits of having composting RV toilets? Well, there are a few.

Less water used. As mentioned above, you will use approximately 60 percent less water with a composting toilet. Less to haul if you boondock, so that’s a great thing!

No black tank. My understanding is this is disgusting lol. I know, so eloquently put! But as a single woman? I’m not looking forward to having to clean the black tank. So the first thing I’d be replacing with my RV is the toilet. I know! I know! It’s an almost $1,000 expense. But come one people! I’ve cleaned my kid’s diapers. I DID MY TIME!!! I am totally not going to want to clean out that tank!

rv toilets

Great Plant food! I am not a farmer and at this time I do not grow my own garden. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably never grow my own garden. But cow patties have been used for plant feed for centuries. So, why not our own? There is even a guide out there called The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure to show you how to do it. While I’m not sure I’m quite that into it? But to each their own!

Easy to install. Since there is no plumbing, there is only a vent to run outside and the fan to power. As I love learning new things, YouTube and Google will be my friends and help me make sure I do it right :). Woman power and all that jazz!

If you’re an RV owner, what RV toilets do you all have? Why do you have the one that you do? What reason would you not consider getting a composting one? Comment below or share on my Facebook page!

Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate links. If you click on any of the links in this post and purchase the item, I will get a small commission. To which the government will laugh at me and take away anyway. But, just seeing that I earned a commission makes me smile because you guys like me, you really like me! Ok, fine, you like my tips and suggestions :). Or you feel bad for me. Either way, it makes me smile :).


  1. Cecil

    I never thought about the toilets in an RV, very interesting and well written. If I ever rent or travel by RV, It definitely would need to have a self contained composting toilet.

  2. rv toilet parts

    You can look for websites that specialize in RV toilets. They can work perfectly for your needs.


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