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Small Space Organizing Tips and Ideas

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Currently, I am living in a small apartment of approximately 500 square feet. I have a kitchen that is a decent size but awkwardly laid out. I have a living room slightly smaller, a little bonus room and two bedrooms. The bedrooms are both a decent size, but the closet space leaves a lot to be desired. And with me transitioning to a full-time RV lifestyle in a few years, I am going to be in an even smaller space. So, this will be fun! lol. So, I am always looking for small spaces organizing tips and ideas. I want to share what I’ve learned and done so far with suggestions for your use!


The kitchen is probably the easiest in my opinion. There are so many things you can do to maximize the space for usefulness. Counter space in my apartment is at an all time low. I have maybe four feet of space in total. That includes the extra cabinet with a counter top that I brought from my home when I moved. If you have a small appliance that you need to have on your counter, maximize the space with a shelving system you can place over the appliance that will give you extra space without appearing cluttered.

small space organizing

I have two full sized cabinets and one over the stove in my kitchen. Then the kitchen “island” and under the sink. Maximizing cabinet space is always fun, but if you’re not like me and don’t keep a collection of mugs and shot glasses? You may be good lol. My pantry is about three feet wide, and a foot deep. But there is about two feet between shelves. So, certainly not huge by any means. I’ve found using these clear containers that stack are perfect.

small space organizing

One space that people don’t tend to use? The refrigerator. This surface space is golden for small space organizing!  When you walk into my apartment, you are walking right into the kitchen, and BAM! The refrigerator is RIGHT THERE! But, no one can really see that other side. So, using magnetic storage ideas like this paper towel storage and magnetic spice containers have been a sanity saver!

small space organizing

Living Room

A nice vintage storage trunk is a nice two for one deal. You can pack your blankets away in them and use it for an end table. Just need to remove your end table lamp as needed to get your blanket to curl up under on a chilly night :). Cube bookshelves are another great option. Especially the ones with doors on them. Sneak things behind them for a quick clean up as well if you have extra papers out that you didn’t get a chance to put away.

If you have little ones, and not a lot of space, these nesting baskets are great for tossing toys into, to keep them in one spot. They’re perfect for children’s bedrooms as well!

small space organizing


With the lack of closet space, I’m looking for ways to store my clothing without my dresser drawers being overly stuffed. I haven’t had a chance yet to get this, but, I absolutely LOVE this Multi-Use Closet Storage. And it matches my color scheme perfectly!

Bedside Caddy’s are great too. I used these in college and it fit just about everything I needed if I couldn’t fall asleep right away.


Bathroom storage is always fun. I use clear shower curtain plastic hooks and hang things from them.  My hand-held loofah that I am able to hold the handle to get hard to reach spots on my back. Comes with a knotted rope to just loop around the curtain hook.  You can also hang mesh pockets from them if you don’t want to get the curtain with pockets on them already. Things are able to dry easier with the air flow.

small space organizing

In my bathroom, I do have a nice size built in shelf. About the same size as my kitchen pantry. I just use clear stacking containers as well to store things neatly. Although, right now it’s a bit of a mess because I am going through and getting rid of things! My landlord was willing to put in a new sink with a cabinet underneath. It is much better to get some things out of the way and out of sight.

If you live in an RV, one of the best storage solutions a friend told me about is shelves that she attached her her top cabinets to put her fruit in. This serves as double duty. The fruits and vegetables are out of the way and they don’t roll around while you are driving.

small space organizing

Something similar to this, but preferably with multiple baskets to maximize your small space organizing.

What tips would you add to this list for small space organizing? I think these are great ideas for any size home, but, particularly small apts or RV living.

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. If you purchase anything using this links, I will earn a small commission and I do thank you.


  1. Sapana V

    Really nice tips for organizing things.
    Sapana V recently posted…Top 3 Sipper Bottles for Babies in IndiaMy Profile

  2. Paula Schuck

    These are some amazing ideas!! I love the basket most of all. I generally have a lot of bins in the one bathroom to organize things for the girls. Love this adorable curtain too.

  3. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I live in a decent sized ranch style home, but the kitchen is lacking is size. It’s a galley style, which isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that like you, I actually only have about 4 feet of counter space. It’s all broken up into small sections because of the sink and stove placement. I am always looking for ways to add storage. I love that magnetic spice storage. I am gonna find something just like it locally.

  4. Stefanie

    Even though I live in a 4 bedroom home I still need these organization and storage space ideas. Being organized is not my talent so I really like these ideas. My favorite is the magnetic spice holder, it really is beautiful and can be a piece of art in my kitchen. LOVE!

  5. Censie Sawyer

    So many great ideas here. I want to do the spices idea. Our kitchen is so packed, i think this would be a great idea for our kitchen set up. our kitchen is our trouble area in our home for sure.
    Censie Sawyer recently posted…Hitting A Home Run with DanimalsMy Profile

  6. Lisa Favre

    I don’t take advantage the space my refrigerator could offer. Love your idea with the spices. What a great way to free up counterspace (which is super important for me!)
    Lisa Favre recently posted…Sit Back and Relax with Wazo FurnitureMy Profile

  7. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    I LOVE these ideas, especially the magnetic spice rack. We’ve talked about moving into a tiny house worry about space. Some of these ideas may take care of that. These are really cool!

  8. Lauren

    I love the hexagon magnetic spice rack! I totally get what you’re saying about the fridge, that big kitchen ogre is not the prettiest thing, but it’s a necessity. I actually have had a lot of luck with a multi-tiered produce stand for my kitchen counter. I read up that onions and tomatoes don’t belong in the fridge, so it’s saved me space and money!

  9. Ali Rost

    We have magnetic spice containers too and absolutely love them! Before they came into my life, I was forver hunting around in drawers for spices and it was such a pain. For that matter, I love all of your tips. My husband and I are getting ready to downsize and I know they’ll come in handy! x

  10. Tina Butler

    I love all your organizing tips and tricks and I especially love the magnetic spice containers and the nesting baskets.

  11. Crystal VanTassel-Lopez

    I agree with you, the kitchen really can be the easiest to organize or even add space to because there are so many products available to help you do just that. And that shower curtain with all of the storage pocket…. BRILLIANT. Perfect for a small space bathroom.

  12. Antionette Blake

    Hubby and I will be downsizing shortly and these are some great ideas – thanks for sharing.


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