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8 Things to Keep on Hand for a Winter Storm

This past week we had our first snowfall. It was a little less than an inch, but it was enough of a reminder that we need to keep ourselves prepared for a winter emergency.  Now, I’m not talking about:


Prepping and Off-Grid Living

Don’t let the name of my blog fool you.  I’m not a full-time dreamer. I am very goal oriented, do what I have to, to get where I want in life.  In the next few years, while I’m living in a new location, close to where my daughter goes to high school, I will be learning new skills, (work skills and personal skills) to take my life and career mobile. I’d like to be able to travel and make money while doing it. Whether in a hotel, staying in an apartment for part of the year, or doing off-grid living.  This will include learning anything from Coding and web design to archery and shooting a gun. I have a lot to learn, and I understand that!  I have skills currently that I’m using and will be sharing with others as well.


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