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7 Surprises Found From Drastically Downsizing Your Life

I am writing you this blog post while making my way across the US from Seattle to Atlanta.

You’d think that moving almost every year since graduating high school (I’m now 30 years old) would’ve sufficiently kept my life fairly downsized. This is only partly true. There is no better motivation to downsize your life, than a move and packing up all your belongings into boxes is a sure-fire and convenient way to reduce your lifestyle footprint.


Boondocking ~ How to Find Your Free RV Campsite


By now, you all know that I am hoping to purchase an RV and travel the country while working from the road. I previously wrote about Six of my Favorite Travel Campers. There are many people who want to live this kind of lifestyle, but, feel they can’t afford it. So, I researched that further and found that it is actually cheaper to live as an RVer than it is to live in an apt or house, paying rent or mortgage. Here’s my post on RV Budgeting That Won’t Break the Bank. What Can the RV Life Cost?


RV Budgeting That Won’t Break the Bank. What Can the RV life Cost?

You all may remember a post I did on Six of my Favorite Campers. I went in and really researched what is out there that I could use if it were just me traveling. Now, keep in mind, I do hope to live in one while working from the road.  That is my goal once my daughter graduates high school and college, then moves on with her life. Although, you know mother and daughter relationships. She tells me now, “Don’t let me stop you. Go. Have fun.” Gee.  Thanks kiddo. 😛


Having a Hard Time Meeting People in Your New Hometown?


As you all know, I moved to a new town several months ago.  I don’t know anyone! I have been trying to get out more so I can try to meet new people. I’ve stopped at a local shop and got into a great conversation with the owner. I’ve worked with another local shop and had a book signing for my book that was published last month. Had several great conversations with people there. Last night, I did something I never did. While my clothes were drying at the laundromat, (Yes, I know. I have no washer/dryer onsite at my new apartment!) I went over to a local bar/restaurant to have dinner by myself. While I may not have talked much to people around me, it’s about getting out of my comfort zone. I am an introverted extrovert.  Make sense? Meeting new people tends to be hard for me. Striking up conversations?  Even harder!  But, once I know you?  Can’t shut me up. Just ask my family and friends!


5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Clearing The Clutter

I am in the process of moving.  They say the average person moves seven times in their lives.  I’ve counted mine and I’m at nine with this upcoming move.  With each home, you collect items that fit your life at that time. With each move, you pack, move on, buy more things.  In 11 years, I moved from a house to an apartment. I then moved from one apartment to another apartment. I finally bought a home on my own and moved from an apartment to a house. I’m now moving to another apartment to resume custody arrangements of my daughter.


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