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Happy 16th Birthday to my Wonderful and Amazing Daughter

Today is my daughter’s 16th Birthday!  OMG.  How in the heck did this happen???  She will be getting her learners permit this week and actually driving me around.  Ummmm, what???  NOOOOOO. Actually, I’m kinda looking forward to that!  LOL.


Our Weekend in New York City

This past summer, my daughter and I went to NYC. One of my bucket list items was to stay in Times Square. I wanted to see the life and vibrancy of the city and how late that lasted. We drove in to the Trenton Train Station and managed to get an earlier train, woohoo!  It took about 1 1/2 hours to get to the city.


Ways to Save Money for a Major Purchase

My daughter turns 16 in three months.  She will have her learners permit at that time.  OMG.  I am way too young to have a daughter who is about to start driving people!  I mean come on now! How and when did this happen???


Top 4 First Cars For Your Teen Driver

It’s come to that time in my life that I’ve been dreading, but, waiting for with excitement!  Next year, my daughter will be driving! Her father and I have started to discuss getting her a car.  We are making the decision to get her one that will (hopefully) last her six to eight years.  This will get her through college and started in her profession. We figure the car will be a minimum of nine years old and preferably with less than 90k miles on it.  I was even looking at SUVs, because we live out in the country, and figured she should have all wheel drive for bad weather, but, her father suggested against that due to less gas mileage and more expensive to upkeep.  Good reasons of course. So, back to cars we go!


6 Ways to Keep Your Teen Busy This Summer

Is your teen staying up until three or four in the morning?  Sleeping until well after noon? Then, staying in bed until just before you get home from work? Is this normal and I just don’t remember it???  My kiddo does that and it drives me nuts!  Whether she’s at her dad’s or at my house, she is up all hours of the night.  Her father and I finally put our foot down and told her she needs to be in bed, everything shut down by 1:30am and up by 10:30am.


5 Benefits Of An Independently Thinking Child

Raising an independently thinking child can be a blessing and a curse. You want your child to know that they can do anything they put their minds to, but, at the same time, your parenting instinct is to hold said child close and never let go!


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