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The Gear You Need for the Ultimate Car Camping Set Up

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Car camping is one of the most thrilling activities that one must go for. You take your car to a site you want and then camp there. It may be by the lake or close to a river or a mountain. But for that, you need to accumulate all the required gear. So, what all things do you need to take while going for an ultimate car camping set up?

Based on the research and experiences, here is a list 10 of things that one must take while going for a car camping:


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Have you thought of where would you stay during nights or if the weather goes bad?

While camping, you surely need some shelter. Tents serve as the best at this time. They can be easily pitched and are safe for a short stay. These lightweight tents can be dismantled and packed in a kit. So, they are compact and would not cover much space in your car.


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Cooking over a campfire seems thrilling but most people would want a stove. Compact one or two burner backpacking stoves are available for the campers to carry along. It would allow you to cook whatever you want; be it your morning coffee or a mouth-watering dish.

In a good kit, you would generally get a stove, a pot, and a pan, which are usually very compact and easy to carry.

Also, you would need a fuel source for the stove. Commonly butane or propane is used as a fuel in these stoves as they are safe for the environment. They are easily available at an affordable price.

Cooking platform:

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Cooking on a camp is a joyful activity that the campers are always excited about. But you would never want to cook if the place is not organized. So, to solve that purpose, foldable cook stations, that can be set up easily, are available that act as a platform. You can easily arrange your stove, utensils and other cookware over it in a neat and organized manner.


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Where are you going to keep all the things you are taking along?

You would always need some space to keep your things within an easy approach. You got things like lights, cutlery, scissors, food items, and a lot of other things that you would frequently need. Get some sort of compartments or drawers as storage where you can keep all these things.

Water containers:

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Don’t forget to take lots of water with you. You need it for drinking, cooking, washing your cookware and for many other things too.

You may sometimes find freshwater by your camp sides but you must always keep some with you as a backup. Water tanks with already fitted nozzles are great to take along. You should also keep water treatment tablets or a mini filtration system if you have space and if that would also not blow your budget.

Roof racks:

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You going to stay there for days so you surely need your luggage. With the car trunk fully filled with your camping gear, the roof racks would be the best option to keep your luggage. Just get these racks installed on your car and you are ready to camp.

Folding chairs and table:

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Won’t that be unfair not having a table to eat on and a chair where you can sit and relax?

Foldable chairs and a table are a must thing for camping. You definitely want to relax while enjoying the food or the weather there.

These things can be easily folded on one go and are available in a compact kit that you can put over the roof rack.

Shade canopy:

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You don’t want to sit on chairs in that scorching heat of the sun that is about to burn your skin. A canopy is the best solution for this. It would not only provide you with shade but will also protect you from rain, being water-resistant. The extra screen walls can be zipped along if there are a lot of bugs. Also, it can be folded and easily carried along.

A Cooler:

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A cooler would let you satisfy your cravings for chilled drinks while having fun near the camps. There are two types of coolers available: one that takes power from the car’s battery and the other is an ice cooler that can keep ice for almost 8-10 days. Being quite heavy, they come along with wheels that make it easier to move.


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How would you make your way through the dark at night?

You need some light! You need tent lights, lanterns, and headlamps for that. Though a campfire can provide you with light, you cannot carry it with you. That would just cover a small area around it. So, don’t forget to keep some extra lights.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab all this stuff and get yourself ready for the ultimate car camping.

Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.


  1. Henry

    You forgot to mention sleeping bag for backpacking and inflatable mattress. Regardless of how comfortable your sleeping bag and mat is, if you’re sleeping right on the ground, it will still be cold, this is why i always go along with my inflatable mattress. Thank you for sharing.
    Henry recently posted…Best Electric Guitar For Short FingersMy Profile

  2. ben

    We love those equinox chairs. They fold up so small and are really comfortable.
    ben recently posted…The Best Neoprene Bootie for Stand Up Paddle BoardingMy Profile

  3. Jeff

    I’ve only gone camping once and it was terrible! But with everything going on, I definitely want to revisit it. and hammock camping is right up my alley!! Thanks for such a comprehensive guide!

  4. Scarlett Johansson

    This is a really awesome post as a camper. I was looking for a camping stove.

  5. Zoe Campos

    Thanks for telling me that car camping is actually a thrilling activity that I should enjoy. My husband had always been into outdoor camping and this is the first time that he had invited me. Maybe I can look for reversible beanies with a mossy oak camo design that we can both wear to remember this wonderful first.

  6. sajjad ahmed

    We are planing to vacation tour, i find this blog very help use. Thank you so much. if you want check for some item i found one best website with is afforable.


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