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Things to do in Burlington Vermont

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This year is my son’s freshman year of college. Oh. My. Goodness! He finished his online senior classes to graduate high school. He chose to go to a school seven and a half hours from home, in Burlington, VT. Read how I feel about being an empty nester! So, I thought I’d share some of the things we did! Here are some things to do in Burlington Vermont that you may enjoy.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is a place that people go for various reasons. The infamous Burlington Bike Path goes through it. It’s big enough to walk around for fitness, and, let’s be honest. The view is to die for! I love the water of Lake Champlain and the surrounding mountains.

Lake Champlain – Burlington VT – Aug/Sept 2019
Could this Marina be any more picturesque?
He barely tolerates pictures with dear ole mum. LOL

Church Street

Church Street is simply amazing. There are so many stores from local shops to chain stores. Almost every Saturday, if not, every Saturday, local artisans set up tables to sell their items. Church Street has so many events, during all seasons. My son can’t wait until winter to see it with the snow. Neither can I! I told him to keep me up on pictures! They have a Ben and Jerry’s that he loves to go to at least once a week. One of my favorite stores was Earthbound Trading Company. Such cute things! Here are a couple I found online until I can replace them with his.

Spirit of Ethan Allen

We did the sunset cruise and had a great time! The cruise runs about two and a half hours. We chose to have an appetizer dinner of potstickers, nachos, and a cheese plate.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but, it was quite chilly! We were on the outside deck and had an amazing view of the sunset, but, had the wind to go with it! I was glad I went back to the car to get my sweater!

The food was delish!
Things to do in Burlington Vermont
Sunset August 30, 2019

Burlington Bike Path

This bike path is approximately seven and a half miles and runs from southern Burlington at Oakledge Park to northern Burlington, throughout the city. Including right around the Waterfront Park. If you are into outdoor activities, the bike path should go on your list of things to do in Burlington Vermont.

Things to do in Burlington Vermont

If you like looking for roadside attractions, Burlington has one of those too! The worlds tallest filing cabinet! The tower is 50 feet high and can be found on Flynn Avenue. It was interesting to see!

Things to do in Burlington Vermont

Some of the places we ate at were Folino’s Pizza and The Skinny Pancake. There was quite a wait at The Skinny Pancake, but, I will admit, it was well worth it! I loved the aesthetic at Folino’s. It was very industrial. And the pizza wasn’t bad either!

things to do in Burlington Vermont
Early Riser. After I got it, I realized why they did fried eggs instead of scrambled. OMG. Delish!

Additional Notes on things to do in Burlington Vermont

These are just a few things to do in Burlington Vermont. Burlington is a very walkable city. I walked to my son’s dorm, and oh my. I discovered how out of shape I truly was! As a result of walking up the hill, I had to stop four times. FOUR TIMES! Then, had to walk up to his dorm room, ON THE THIRD FLOOR. Y’all, I thought I was going to pass out! LOL.

We then walked back down the hill. MUCH easier! And over to Church Street. We stopped there for Ben and Jerry’s and I got a hint of who my guy is as a young adult. We stopped at the pharmacy for him to pick up a prescription. He wouldn’t even let me pay for it. “I got it, mom! Stop trying to pay for everything.” Isn’t that our job? lol.

Burlington is definitely a location you want to stop and visit. It is a beautiful city and fabulous views of Lake Champlain. It is home to two great colleges. Champlain College and The University of Vermont (UVM) as it’s better known as. You can uber around, but, walking is definitely not a problem to get from point a to point b.

Where I stayed

I stayed in a room, using Airbnb. A great rate on the three nights, so, as I need to save money, the room was the perfect alternative. I did have to share a shower and restroom with others, but, as one of the roomers, who is a traveling nurse said, “It’s Airbnb. You have to learn to chill and go with the flow.” I had apologized to him because I turned his light on from a light switch in the hallway. Yikes! If you haven’t tried Airbnb, try it, using my referral link!

Disclosure: There are referral and affiliate links within this post. No worries! It doesn’t cost you extra if you purchase anything. I may make a small commission or referral bonus for my travels. For which, I thank you in advance!

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