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When Is It Time For Your Teen To Get A Job?

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I don’t know about you, but, when I was 14, I got my first job. This was because I knew my parents couldn’t afford to keep giving me money, and I really wanted to have money for various reasons. I wanted those Jordache jeans that were $50. My parents looked at me like I was on drugs when I asked for them. Or, those Nike’s because I was tired of wearing the no name brands. So, how do you tell it’s time for your teen to get a job these days? It’s a little harder I think now. Teens can’t really get a job somewhere until their 16. I was 14 and was the cook at Burger King. I cooked the burgers, put fries in the fryer and all that fun stuff. Employers didn’t care back then how old you were!

time for your teen to get a job

My son’s father and I had a rule. For him to get a car, he had to pay for gas. So, he’s 16 and now has a job as a host at a restaurant. He doesn’t work many hours, but they’re starting to pick up now that the holidays are coming. He also wanted money so he can buy his girlfriend some nice gifts. His dad and I help with some gifts for friends, but not above a certain amount. This is another way you can tell it’s time for your teen to get a job. Especially when one parent (me, in this case) is laid off and can’t afford their own needs, much less their teens wants! LOL.

time for your teen to get a job

In the end, to tell when it’s time for your teen to get a job, is when you really can’t afford what they’re asking for. When their wants start to outweigh their needs. They need to get a job that will help them to learn the value of a dollar. That, not only, money doesn’t grow on trees and the bank of mom and dad has closed for business. But also, we need to prepare them on how to live on their own if their goal is to move away from home after college. Here is a great list of jobs teens can get to earn money.

How old were you when you got your first job? How did you know when it was time for your teen to get a job?


When it's time for your teen to get a job

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  1. Shari E

    Good questions. I remember working all the time as a teenager at the local mall, but I fear my kids have so much less time. Homework is much more intensive these days.
    Shari E recently posted…Can A Movie Help My Family Understand My Hearing Loss?My Profile

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      And that’s so true. I just received a text from my son. He’s got to turn in his senior project proposal and he’s not sure when he’ll have the time. And the project itself doesn’t have to be presented until next year.

  2. Claire Ketchum

    Both my teens worked this summer. I love the freedom it gives them as well as the responsibility to manage it,

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      Definitely! I feel that the schools teach them how to spend the money. But not how to manage it for their future.

  3. Karen Johnston

    I too had a job at 17 working at a shoe store, then moved on to banking where I found my future success! It’s harder for teens these days because the demand for good colleges is harder, which means more after school involvement, volunteer time, and really spending all extra time studying for straight A’s. Hopefully time will be on our side since I have a few more years to prepare!

  4. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I babysat at 12 but got a real job at 17 working at A & W Rootbeer. I was awful because I couldn’t make change My daughter started working at 16 at an ice cream store, has always worked and is now an executive assistant at an investment firm at 30. She amazes me. My son went straight into the Air Force at 18 and is still there at 28.

  5. Sapana V

    It is better to teach self-dependency at early age. I too have some similar plans for my kids.
    Sapana V recently posted…Symptoms of Dengue in Infant: Guide for Indian ParentsMy Profile

  6. Sydney

    Very good point about wants outweighing needs. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Shelley | A Woman in Her PRIME

    I’ve always found it interesting how people have different opinions about whether or not teens should work and at what age. My parents were small business owners so we always had jobs to do in their business even before we went to work for anyone else. I’m sharing this in a roundup post to publish on 12-2-17.


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