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Top 10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

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I know it’s only mid-June, but you can never start too soon! You have a child who just graduated and is ready to go off to college. They will be living “on their own” so to speak for the first time without their parents. This independence is great for them, stressful for mom and dad. If you’re able to, or even with your teen’s help, you want to get them started on the right foot. Here is a list of the top 10 items your college-bound student needs. And maybe some not so needed items, but what will make things easier for them. I will also have a section in my sidebar with banners specific to college-bound students.

10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

1 – Pop Up Hamper – This hamper is a good one because it can be folded up and stored until needed. Keep them out of the habit of just dropping clothing on the floor to “get to later”. The hamper also comes with this Dorm Room Organizing Bundle.  Tidy Home Living has that bundle on special right now for $29.99. Another cute and funny laundry bag can be found on Etsy. Love the fun unique things you can find there!

10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

2 – Mini Fridge – I know people say this is an “option” and not a need, but I personally think it’s a need because they can keep the basics in there for those late night study sessions. Or juice and/or soda’s so they don’t have to pay those higher prices from the vending machines. My son goes to college in a couple of years and I’m getting a jumpstart myself. I found a fridge I thought was great because it is a dry erase fridge that comes in Pink or Blue trims. Great place to write those test reminders.

3 – Laptop – If your student has a baseline laptop, starting off for the four-plus years of higher education is the time to get them a higher performing laptop that will get them through all of their classes. These laptops can be the 2-in-1 Laptop or a Traditional Laptop, depending on their upcoming needs. Most students will also use these laptops as their TV’s and/or gaming stations for the little downtime they will have.

10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

4 – Mini Mobile Projector – This one may seem and sound silly, trust me, I know!  But This would be fantastic for two reasons. 1) When your student just wants a bigger screen. (Cheaper than buying a TV!) and 2) This would be a great way for them to meet new friends. Their room would be the go-to place for movie nights. Or even the go-to person to set up for movie night in the common room.

5 – USB & Plug Outlet – This would be convenient to have plugged in next to their bed. They will be able to keep their laptop plugged in, lights if any and clock if they don’t use their cellphones. At the same time, charging any other devices from the USB ports. We know how plugged in we all are!

10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

6 – Shower Supplies – If your student doesn’t have a shower in their room, they’re going to have to travel and carry their supplies with them. Items needed will be the Shower Caddy. I like the bigger ones because you can fit everything in them. Shower Shoes for girls and Shower Shoes for boys. I highly recommend getting these FAST. Mainly because a lot of them are already selling out. I would not suggest getting shoes that do not have the holes in the bottom. The last thing you need is them slipping.10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

7 – Vacuum Cleaner – Let’s hope they try to maintain their little space as neatly as possible! It’s normally just the one room, so it can get messy fast but can be cleaned just as quick. A small vacuum cleaner is perfect to put out of the way easily.

10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

8 – Smaller Appliances that can include a Microwave Oven – If they have a fridge, it may be a good idea for a microwave if they have something small to heat up. This microwave from Amazon is perfect because it’s only .7 cubic feet in size. Can go right on the mini fridge. If your student is a coffee drinker, a Single-Serve Coffee Maker may be just what the Dr ordered. And for $39? Not a budget breaker. This coffee maker can use k-cups or coffee grounds. For movie nights, the Microwave Popcorn Popper can be popped right into the microwave for a quick batch.10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

9 – Wire Storage Shelving – If there is room, this is the perfect size for smaller spaces. And being able to have a separate area for the Microwave and coffee maker? Maybe better than stacking on top of the fridge.

10 – Other Random Necessities and Nice to Have Items – Bed Risers to give extra storage room under the beds. Bedside Shelf for added table space to place needed items close by. This particular shelf can be attached to the bed or the wall. A Portable Safe that they can keep their smaller things safe in when they leave the room. Small enough to grab and throw in their backpacks as well if they’re running late. If they have a TV, a streaming device such as the Fire Stick will be good to use and have all their apps on. And finally, my favorite! The

And finally, my favorite! The Echo Dot. That is my go-to device and you will find it in most of my gift guides. It does everything. Add to your shopping list, to do list, get the weather and news. Play music if you have Prime. Spotify or TuneIn Radio can also be used.

10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs

So, there you have it. This is my suggested list of 10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs and some want items that every college student should have. Some of the bigger items, like the fridge and microwave. TV or gaming systems if brought in, you can see if the roommate wants to either split the cost (not my favorite) or each bring in something. One brings the fridge, the other brings the TV. One brings the microwave, the other brings the coffee pot. So on and so forth.

This is your students time to, yes, get their education, but this is also the time they will be meeting friends. This is their first time away from mom and dad. We want them to be happy and feel like they are fitting in. If you are unable to supply any or all of these items, talk to your student. If they are working, they can split the cost with you maybe? Or do the, “we’ll buy this, you buy that” type of scenario.

When you went to college, or if you’re in college now, what would you add to this list of 10 Items Your College-Bound Student Needs? Comment below or share on my Facebook page!

Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate links. If you click on any of the links in this post and purchase the item, I will get a small commission. To which the government will laugh at me and take away anyway. But, just seeing that I earned a commission makes me smile because you guys like me, you really like me! Ok, fine, you like my tips and suggestions :). Or you feel bad for me. Either way, it makes me smile :).


  1. Julia Elizabeth

    I just graduated college and honestly my best investment was a printer – unpopular opinion. I know all the libraries have printers and often pages are included with tuition, but printers are so affordable these days and will save hundreds of last minute trips to the library at 2am!

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      Julia, that is a great point though. Those all nighters are killer! Good thinking!

  2. Crystal

    Great article! My daughter is still 4 years away from college but she is already planing and prepping so this is fantastic info! Thanks!
    Crystal recently posted…Life MakeoverMy Profile


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