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Travel Vermont During a Pandemic

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This year, my son and his boyfriend moved into their first apartment for their last year of college. With the pandemic, traveling has been out of the question for those of us with autoimmune disorders. And Vermont had the state on lockdown, therefore, keeping their cases low. With things opening again, I was super excited to go back to Vermont, see their new apartment (spoiler, it’s SO MUCH nicer than my own place, lol) and their hometown. I was also very happy to see many people still wearing masks in all the stores we went in to!

I went up for a long weekend. A Thursday through Monday. Thursday and Monday being my drive days. I forgot how much I loved Road Trips! It’s been so long! I was there for three full days to visit. Driving up took approximately nine hours with stops. Going up in the Fall is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Its’s simply gorgeous. Driving through small towns was a bonus, instead of sticking solely to the highways. With the fall foliage and the mountain views, it’s a peace you may never find anywhere else in the world.

Vermont Road Trip October 2021

I’d been to Vermont once before and did some of the touristy things then. Check out my last post! This time around was a little different. I’ve been experiencing chronic pain for over a year now, making it a little difficult to do a lot of walking. While I didn’t get to do as much as I’d have liked to, we enjoyed each other’s company, played games, and my son made dinner for us. Who was this boy and what did they do to my son? LOL. He is a great cook! Had I known that before, I would have encouraged him to do more experimenting with meals.

I was ok with hanging around the apartment. As someone who is used to being on the go, or, in my case, home a lot due to the pain I’ve been dealing with for the past year, it was nice to be anywhere but my own apartment. With people I love.

Burlington Vermont
Lake Champlain – Burlington Vermont

We went to Church St and had lunch at Gaku Ramen in Burlington, Vermont. The view of Lake Champlain is breathtaking. I highly recommend going there if you haven’t been before. I didn’t see many sunsets as it was cloudy almost every evening I was there. However, I did catch a beautiful sunrise from their apartment when I woke up early one morning. We also went to Dakin Farms Country store. This shop was absolutely the cutest! Seriously, country stores give me life. I adore them!

Dakin Farm Country Store

There was a bit of a wait at Gaku, but it was so worth it. They do ask that you wait outside until your table is available and ready. With my leg pain issues, they did allow me to wait inside. So I did appreciate that. It was a small restaurant with maybe a dozen tables or so. The waitstaff was amazing. Even if some of the patrons were not. We need to remember to be kind! They had staffing shortages and service was a little slow. I had no pressing timeline of where I needed to be, so I was patient. They were so sweet and gave me 10% off my order as a thank you for that. I told them they didn’t have to, but they insisted.

My last full day there, we went at Sam Mazza’s Farm Market. They have a lot of wonderful gifts inside from local vendors. Outside, there were flowers and more. We happened to go on a warmer day for October, which I was grateful for! It can get quite chilly that far North! The boys walked through the corn maze and had a great time. Petting and feeding the animals is always a fun thing to do!

Sam Mazza Colchester Vermont
Sam Mazza’s Farm

Have you visited Vermont before? What is your favorite thing to do? Share below in comments, or on my Facebook Page!

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  1. ShunCy

    Traveling in October during the COVID19 pandemic can still be an amazing time. Even the flights are pretty good too! I flew to Burlington, Vermont via Charlotte, Vermont with a cheap round trip airfare to take advantage of lower sales prices as travel demand for November was low. Check out what’s at Bunk in this post.
    I’ve only been living in Canada so far but there’s plenty of beautiful, green, and interesting attractions for those looking into venturing to a small town on one of the world’s most beautiful water bodies: Lake Champlain. When visiting Bunk I took my sweet sixteen with me and had myself a week-long family adventure at home with all of us enjoying our youth away from school and the pandemic. I’ll show you why they call it one trip away but it ended up turning into 3 trips home. The first thing they call one trip home, is making the “right decisions” as we leave, get away, or don’t get as ready and organized to go home or to life, that we can no longer do so much. So here’s me, and where we…
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