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Two Months Since I Was Laid Off – How’s It Going?

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Welp, we are coming up on the two-month mark since I was laid off from my job. So, I thought I’d provide an update. This is going to be somewhat of a vulnerable post and I’m putting it all out there. So forgive me now :).

It’s been busy. I apply to jobs every single day. Some days I get three resume’s out, others I get 20 resumes out. They say you need to treat job hunting like a full-time job. And trust me. I do! I look on LinkedIn, Indeed, company websites directly and I’m even trying to build up my client list for my freelance business.

Since I was Laid off

Yesterday I hit a roadblock. I wanted nothing to do with job hunting. Started to feel like everything I was doing was for nothing. I learned new skills and became certified in beginning google analytics. I’m applying to jobs that I want and that I know I have MOST if not all of the skills they are looking for. I am trying to avoid falling back into an entry level customer service job that I know I won’t be happy in. I want to spend 40 hours of my week someplace I enjoy. Not someplace that I dread.

Back to yesterday. Monday’s are notoriously rough days, to begin with, am I right? Well, yesterday was the first Monday since I was laid off that I was just not into it. I felt like I was in a job I hated. When you’re laid off, you are kind of in a job you hate though, if you think about it. You put yourself out there every day with no sense of accomplishment. You’re not hearing back from the companies and that feels like a rejection. So, not only were you laid off from a job, you’re not hearing from these companies so it’s a double whammy. So, yesterday I sat on my couch. Didn’t even bother booting up my laptop. I looked at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on my phone and watched TV all day and felt sorry for myself.

It was bound to happen honestly. Every day for two months focusing on nothing but jobs. Be it applying to, or trying to build up a business. I haven’t taken a day off from it.

Today is a little better. I did log on to my laptop. TV is still off. I’ve made a few phone calls and sent a few emails out. I haven’t gotten on to Indeed yet. But I’ll do that for a little bit this afternoon. I think I’m going to take tomorrow off.  I posted my pity party in one of the Facebook groups I’m involved with and it was suggested to take “me” time. Take time off and let the universe breath and the seeds I’ve planted to grow a little. Use some of that time to clean my home, take a hike or anything else that will make me happy.

I’m thinking I also need to get out of my apt. Since I was laid off, I’ve been terrified of spending money. As I’m a single mom, the buck stops with me on income. But I think I need to spend at least one day a week at Starbucks for a few hours. I need to find groups around me to just get away from these same four walls. Staying in all the time is enough to drive anyone insane and into a funk.

With all this said, don’t let it define me. I know I’ll find something, or something will find me :).

If you’ve ever been laid off, what have you done to keep your spirits up? Any tips on how to get companies on board with hiring you with the skills you have, but didn’t gain from a business job, but skills you’ve earned by being proactive and self-motivated? Comment them below or share on my Facebook page!


  1. Jeanette

    I am so sorry that you got laid off. I would say after two months of full-time looking for a job one day to yourself is not asking a lot. You do need to refresh yourself, because it helps clear the mind. I hope you find a job soon.

  2. Christy Maurer

    It is so hard to find a job these days! I hope that you can find something soon. Take at least a day a week to do something for yourself even if you’re not spending money.
    Christy Maurer recently posted…Raise Asthma and Allergy Awareness with e-clothMy Profile

  3. robin rue

    I hope you find a job soon! I remember after I got laid off, it was hard. Unemployment covered most of my expenses, but not all of them.

  4. Dina Demarest

    Finding a job is the worst! People hire who they know or who their employees know. So don’t let the fact that you’re not getting call backs break you down. You will be someone’s number one pick!

  5. Amber Myers

    I’m sorry that you were laid off. That would be tough. I know lots of people struggle with finding another job so know you are not alone. I’m sure something will come up that’ll be perfect for you.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Keep Your Imagination, SweetieMy Profile

  6. Pam Wattenbarger

    So sorry that you’re going through this. Being laid off is such a vulnerable and scary position to be in.

  7. Jaime Nicole

    Finding a job can be so hard – I worry all the time what will happen if I lose mine as a single mom. It’s important to let yourself regroup though – I wish you SO much good luck!

  8. Sarah Bailey

    Job hunting can be so hard and stressful it’s not something I wish on anyone as it can be so downheartening, good luck in your search.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Win a Photo Session with SplentoMy Profile

  9. Debra Hawkins

    Job hunting is the absolute worst! I am so sorry that you are going through that right now. All the hugs to you!

  10. John Lopez

    I’m so sorry you were laid off from your job. Is there a workforce center that can help you find jobs, like a job bank. We have that here in Texas. Well good luck!

    1. Jacqui (Post author)

      My employer hires career consultants for their displaced employees. So I’ve been working with them and using their resources and hunting away on indeed!

  11. Gwendolyn M Mulholland

    I am sorry you got laid off and are still searching for a new job. I think it is important to take time off for yourself to rechage during all the job hunting. Taking a day can help you rest and then start fresh the next day. Good Luck!

  12. Maurene Cab

    Getting laid is really tough. It’s even tougher if no one’s there to help you.

  13. Chantal

    Wow you have been working so hard, it’s not surprising that you needed a break! Sounds like you have been working very hard at getting resumes out! Getting out of the house to go for a walk definitely helps but don’t be so hard on yourself, from an outsiders perspective you have been working really hard!

  14. Rebecca Swenor

    It can be so hard to get a job now days but sometimes we have to do what we have to do to survive. Giving up is never an opinion and it is so true that something will find you if you don’t find it first. Always remember to take time for yourself even if it is visiting friends. Thanks for shairng your story.

  15. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Being laid off is such a scary experience. It’s important to keep applying to jobs and stay optimistic. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

  16. Kita Bryant

    It’s hard when you’re used to relying on a paycheck and then get laid off. It’s hard to know whether to move on or wait.

  17. Nicole

    So sorry that you’re going through this. Being laid off is so difficult. Being optimistic is so important! It will work out. Wishing you lots of luck 🙂
    Nicole recently posted…Secrets to Blogging Success: A Review of Traffic TransformationMy Profile

  18. uprunforlife

    Check craigslist for jobs. I was hesitant at first but a temp agency actually said, for the most part, it was safe. Small businesses can’t afford to pay big bucks for major job boards or afford temp agency fees. Look for social marketing jobs, they exist, even writers.
    uprunforlife recently posted…Best Treatment Options For Cystic AcneMy Profile

  19. Katya

    Thanks for sharing your story! I know that it’s not easy to be in a situation you are in right now but I truly hope things work out for you!

  20. Shelley Plummer

    Always sad to hear when good people fall on hard times. Keep trying, I know you’ll get there!

  21. Zwitsal

    I’m sorry for this. But what I always tell to myself that, if one door closes, another one will open. Cheer up! It’s time to take some time to unwind and ask yourself what to improve or what to do next! 🙂

  22. Sapana V

    Yeah.. Actually, you need to spend some time outside of your apartment. Relax it may be a hard time but everything will be fine soon.
    Sapana V recently posted…Top 5 Baby Walkers to Buy Online in IndiaMy Profile


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