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Winning Powerball??? Yes Please

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Everyone is getting asked the question, “If you won the Powerball, what would you do?”  Well, seeing as it is at approximately $800 million dollars?  There is SO much we could do with it.  After taxes, you figure, we should get, what, $500 million if we took it all?  My daughter and I were talking on the phone about it last night.  She told me what she’d like, and we went on dreaming. Our winning Powerball lists include:

Here is my list:

  • Donate to March of Dimes. I had a baby sister that died at one-month-old. If I had more money, I’d definitely donate more to this wonderful cause!
  • TRAVEL.  I would think nothing of getting up and go. Leave everything behind and just go. Although, for the rest of the year, I’d have to wait for my daughter’s vacations and summer break.  I wouldn’t go anywhere without her of course!
  • Buy a new home where I’m about to move, closer to my daughter, instead of renting a place.
  • Pay off all of my families bills. Buy them homes if they didn’t own already. Pay off their mortgages if they did.
  • Give each immediate family member $2 million and tell them to either retire and spend smart, or go crazy and continue working. That right there will be $22 million! And yes. Each immediate family member. Not just the household. Heck, If I’m getting $450 million, I think that’s sufficient!
  • Set up college funds for the littles in my family.  Yes. College is still a requirement!
  • Set my daughter up of course. She will have her own trust fund with access to certain levels at certain times in her life. She will not have full access.
  • Help my friends out too of course. I’d give them each $50,000.
  • Believe this or not, I would pay off my daughter’s father’s home. That will give a better life for her at his home as well if he doesn’t have a mortgage to worry about.
  • INVEST.  Yes, everything before this sounds frivolous. I won’t lie. But I want to do it all! I want to enjoy the rest of my life, doing what I want to do. Travel, shop, sleep in bed all day. But, I know I need to be smart about it too.  Investing money not only will keep me from having immediate access but, will keep me from hearing stories of how much the money is needed and me just giving out the money to anyone and everyone.

My daughter’s list:

  • Buy a boat instead of going on cruise ships
  • Buy a private jet so she can go to all the YouTube conventions she wants to. Playlist Live, VidCon, etc. (See why she will get her money in stages??? lol)
  • Of course, there will have to be a Starbucks on both.  I told her she will have to get a job at Starbucks and learn how to make the drinks herself as I would not hire a Barista!  LOL
  • Travel.  This is a huge thing on both our lists.
  • Not have to go to college. (I don’t think so kiddo!)
  • Withdraw from High School and be Home Schooled. (Told her NO to this one, lol)

There are so many things we could do with all this money. Honestly?  It would be HORRIBLE if only one person won it.  If I won, I would not mind sharing. That kind of money can really be a downfall for people. Relationships strained, friendships have broken up, expectations are higher. We’ve seen the patterns in past high lottery winners.

Once I got used to having the money, I want to build a cabin in the mountains with a lake as my backyard. Something simple, but, with everything I would need to make life easy.  Internet, electricity, but, fireplaces throughout the house for when I just want to journey back to more simplistic times.

So, what would you do if you won Powerball?

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