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ZeroG Floating Vacuum

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to test the ZeroG Vacuum. This was the first time I’ve ever used a canister style vacuum. As I’ve used uprights my whole life, I was hesitant with this. And while I can adapt to change, there are some things I don’t do change well with lol.

As most of you know, I’m still researching and learning more about the RV Lifestyle. When the box was on its way, it said it was 31 pounds. I got to thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be ideal for those living the RV Lifestyle. Have to keep that haul weight down! But, found that most of that weight was the packaging. So, you RVer’s? You’re good to go!


I put the vacuum together in no time. It wasn’t hard at all. Snap on the hose and use the appropriate attachments and you’re good to go. I used it on my area rug, my wood floor, and my vinyl flooring. Cleaning the living room, kitchen, and bathroom in one fell swoop. As it is self-propelled, the vacuum moves you around the room quickly. So, I’ll be building up those muscles! And the best description for the canister is that it’s like an air hockey puck. While it’s turned on, it floats along behind you.

I detached the main sweeper and attached the stair sweeper. Carrying the canister while vacuuming my steps? No problems at all. The canister is only nine pounds. And the sweepers get into the corners and along the baseboards very easy. As I have a cat that sheds like crazy? This was a dream! I cleaned around her litter box with no issues. It was great actually, because with my other vacuum, the litter scatters under the main sweeper and out the back. With the ZeroG, it captures all the litter and sucks it up.

So, after doing the floors and steps, I took to the ceilings. I attached the round brush and dusted my ceiling fan and the exhaust fan in my bathroom. As I have about 10-foot ceilings in my apartment and I don’t like ladders? My brother-in-law thanks this new vacuum of mine because I don’t have to call him over to clean them anymore!


However, see it for yourself! Check out the video here from the ZeroG website. It shows just how well it works. There are two power buttons. One on the canister, that you have to turn on, no matter which attachment you’re using. Then, when using the main sweeper and the stair sweeper, you use the second power button. However, with the other attachments seen in the picture above, you only need the one on the canister and the suction is strong enough that it works perfectly.

For those of you living the RV lifestyle, I believe this is a definite contender. It’s powerful to where you can get all the dirt from outside sucked up in no time. It’s compact, so, it’s not taking a lot of room. And, of course, it’s lightweight, so, it’s not adding more than 15 pounds to your haul weight. I’m sure you can work with that.

Do you have the ZeroG Floating Vacuum System? After watching the video, what would you say you love about it? Share your comments below or on my Facebook Page!

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